About Corie

Hi, I’m Corie! A 26-yo health and fitness blogger and residential redeveloper from Philadelphia, PA.

Quick facts:

My purpose is to inspire others to live a healthier, more financially stable life.

I create fun, educational, and inspiring content and share tools and resources to help others get 1% better everyday.

I’m passionate about financial freedom through real estate & love helping others achieve their health & fitness goals.

Some other passions…

  • Holistic healing
  • Plant-based eating
  • Functional movement
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Snowboarding
  • Reading
  • Business
  • Blogging
  • Road tripping
  • Nature
  • Spirituality

Grateful for you being here ♡

Recent Posts

Life Map: A Goal Setting System

Writing down our goals and breaking them down into small, doable tasks is how we get extraordinary results. Good builders don’t build without a blueprint. So why would we make the mistake of just winging life and taking whatever it gives us, when we can make actual plans and live a life of our own… Continue reading Life Map: A Goal Setting System

Get to know your preferences

What do I prefer? If I could do and have exactly what I wanted, what would it be? What would life look like? I just recently learned that I prefer melons over berries in the morning. Weird but true. So maybe you’re melons instead of berries like me. Or maybe you’re yoga instead of weight… Continue reading Get to know your preferences

Focus on what you’re grateful for

*walks into kitchen and sees dirty dishes in sink* *gets a little irritated* HERE is where people usually stop and the irritation is just left swirling around in their energy field… I’m sure you can imagine what that can do to a person overtime. For others HERE is where the journey lies… *deep breath* (this… Continue reading Focus on what you’re grateful for

What I Love Checklist

Undesired states of mind like worry, fear, anxiety, anger, depression… Come from being too consumed in the past or future. You may be thinking of all that you have to do tomorrow. Future thinking = worry / fear / anxiety Or you may be consumed with guilt or regret about a past situation. Past thinking… Continue reading What I Love Checklist

Making Mistakes

Mistakes are only mistakes if we do not learn and change because of them. The true mistake would be holding onto our mistake… Dwelling on the past of how things could have gone differently. Here’s a little 3-step system on using mistakes as a stepping stone:

Closing out 2022 & Planning for 2023

As November approaches, now is the perfect time to start closing out 2022 and planning for 2023. Here are my tasks to complete by the end of December: How are you closing out the year and planning for the new year?!

Spicy Hangover Tea

If you’re feeling a little hungover today, try out this Spicy Hangover Tea! This blend helps to… Ingredients Supplies Instructions 1. Place a small pot of filtered water on high heat. 2. Once your water is boiling, turn off the heat and add in a dash of cayenne pepper, a teaspoon of turmeric powder, some… Continue reading Spicy Hangover Tea

Use couch time productively

I love feeling relaxed and comfortable while I’m creating or studying, so you’ll likely find me set up somewhere with blankets, pillows, some candle light, a hot beverage, and soft music. For those of us who love the couch (sitting and laying comfortably)… How can we use our couch time in a healthy, more productive… Continue reading Use couch time productively

How do we take blame?

Taking blame is setting a standard for communicating our thoughts and feelings, working to live up to it, and adjusting along the way as needed. For example… Someone says something that doesn’t sit well with us for whatever reason. We may be taking it personally. Taking blame in this situation would be asking more questions… Continue reading How do we take blame?

Take the blame, point the credit

Old way of thinking: take the credit, point the blame. This is how most people operate. New way of thinking: take the blame, point the credit. This is how the greats operate. Take the blame We’re responsible for our actions or lack there of. What could have we done differently? No pointing fingers at others.… Continue reading Take the blame, point the credit

Inner peace vs inner conflict

When our actions line up with our core values, we feel inner peace. When our actions go against our core values, we feel inner conflict. For example… If I say I’m going to do something, and do it – I feel good. If I say I’m going to do something, and don’t do it –… Continue reading Inner peace vs inner conflict

Practice patience

By practicing patience, we allow our nerves to relax, our minds to clear, and our lives unfold in a much calmer and natural way. How can we practice patience? We can practice patience by taking 5 deep belly breaths. When can we practice patience? Taking a breather and slowing it down when our minds want… Continue reading Practice patience