Health & Fitness Coach

CORE by Corie
June 2016-December 2017
Philadelphia, PA


  • Develop and maintain a professional relationship with each client based on trust and confidentiality.
  • Thoroughly analyze client’s current health level and establish goals.
  • Create custom workout programs based off of client’s individual abilities, area of focus, and goals.
  • Educate and encourage clients on all topics including but not limited to: exercise, nutrition, mindset (handling stress, worry, and fear), meditation (finding inner peace), yoga (mobility and flexibility), goal setting, habit tracking, and accountability.
  • Assist in client’s injuries by providing alternative workouts to avoid further damage and/or exercises to help aid in healing.
  • Provide updated self-written eBooks to clients with research, resources, and recommendations compiled for the client to read as a reference.
  • Hire and manage Fitness Trainers to ensure smooth sessions.
  • Generate consistent leads through social media channels and word of mouth.
  • Nurture database of new and past clients via email, phone, mailers, and industry-related events.
  • Follow-up with all leads in a time manner.


  • Successfully assisted over 75 clients achieve their health and fitness goals.
  • Established a strong social media presence as a health and fitness influencer, coach, and mentor.
  • Retain select clients for over a year.
  • Grew from 15 to 40 clients in just 2 weeks from social media presence and word of mouth in January 2017.
  • Built a strong database of clients that has given me the ability to work exclusively through online channels, therefore not requiring my physical presence. Reach more people- touch more lives.