Plant-Based Meals in Bulk

Welcome to our virtual menu ♡

We are currently servicing Philadelphia, PA.

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Getting Started

We are currently offering…

4 regular menu items & 1 bakery item.

Meals are served in bulk via catering pans for easy storage and access.

Each dish is served in its own pan unless discussed otherwise…

And will last 5-7 days refrigerated!

Heat it & eat it as you go ♡

Half Pan / Full Pan

Half Pan

10 servings; feeds 1-2 people / week

Full Pan

20 servings; feeds 3-4 people / week


Jasmine Rice 10/20

with your choice of:
white, turmeric, or spicy

Momma C’s Bean Dip 20/30

with your choice of:
three beans, pinto, or chipotle

Roasted Potatoes 20/30

with your choice of:
white, red, or sweet potatoes

House Salad 25/35

spinach, baby carrots, tomato, bell pepper


Peanut Butter Oat Bars 20/30

Ready to order? Text me here!

Did you know that 10% of all proceeds are donated to families in need?

Your support directly impacts local communities. Our appreciation for your business goes beyond words ♡