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Take some time off

From work and from your regular routine. You work hard when you work. That’s easy. But to balance life out, you gotta play hard too – with good intentions. How can we use time off to make sure we are growing our mind, body, and soul? We can use our time off to… How do you like to use your time off? I’m currently on a road trip (3 days in). I took 3 weeks off from work and am taking full advantage. There’s a 200 mile race happening in Ohio right now that Joey is running and I’m here… Continue reading Take some time off

What does it mean to know yourself?

To know yourself is to know your feelings. In the left hand, we have love and peace. In the right hand, we have pain and hurt. Both sides are within us. To know yourself is to know that the feelings of pain and hurt are within you as well as the feelings of love and peace. To know yourself is to no longer get surprised when feelings of anger or sadness come up… They’re actually expected to surface now and then, in fact anticipated. To know yourself is to know how to attract positive energy back into your life when… Continue reading What does it mean to know yourself?

Attract positive energy in 60 seconds

You can attract positive energy anywhere at any time. Find a quiet corner to sit comfortably… Or don’t (because again, you can do this anywhere !!! like in a busy store or restaurant, during work, at home, in church, at the gym, on the toilet). We could all use a little more positive energy throughout our busy days… Especially when we start experiencing negative thoughts and feelings. So here’s my quick checklist on how to attract positive energy in 60 seconds: Play some music if you can / desire to. And when you are ready, begin… See a visual >… Continue reading Attract positive energy in 60 seconds

Higher Form of Reasoning

Something bad ever happen and it turned out to be for your own good in the end? Maybe you learned a valuable lesson, or an opportunity came and you were at the right place at the right time. Higher Form of Reasoning is a way of thinking, a belief, that everything that happens is for our greater good. The good, the bad, all of it. This way of thinking invites more love, joy, happiness, and hopefulness in our lives. When we dwell on the bad, victimizing ourselves “poor us” – we invite more grief, sadness, anger, and jealously in our… Continue reading Higher Form of Reasoning

Fill your space with things that inspire you to…

LEARN, MOVE, and CREATE more. Books, plants, yoga stuff, writing desk, boho decor, crystals, incense, good music. What inspires you? How you can fill your space with things that inspire you to learn, move, and create more?


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