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Breathing Stress Away

Can deep breathing really help ease my stress? Yes!

When you find yourself getting worked up in a stressful situation…

Taking a few deep breaths is an easy way to calm your mind and nerves.

Deep breathing = natural stress reliever

Here’s how to utilize deep breathing to help reduce stress:

 1. Find somewhere quiet that you can sit comfortably – preferably in a low light area (or even better, a room with candles). 

2. Sit or stand as upright as possible, pretending there’s a string that’s connected the top of your head to the ceiling and pulling upwards. It’s important that you are in this lifted position as this will allow more oxygen to get into the muscle tissues and mind, helping to ease your stress. 

3. Once comfortable, begin to regulate your breathing. 

4. Take a deep breath in (4-5 count) drawing to yourself the feelings of calmness, serenity, tranquility.

5. Slowly exhaling (6-7 count) – imagine your inhale and exhale as one continuous flowing movement.

Deep breathing for stress relief can be done anywhere at any time. Even in a busy place, deep breaths will do just the trick to re-center your mind and ease your nerves.

My Experience with Deep Breathing

This technique has helped me so much through the years and has been a go-to tool for controlling allergy symptoms that I experience from time to time.

For two years, I would sneeze all day every day refusing to take allergy meds. I refused to believe that I had somehow developed allergies and I was searching for a natural way to figure this problem out.

I found what I was looking for when I realized that my sneezing was triggered by stress and dehydration. It took a lot of trial and error to get to this point of discovery (cutting out things from my diet, etc.).

So now, when I start sneezing, I do some deep breathing and drink more water, and my sneezing goes away. This combination works every time.

Maybe breathing will help you in some way too.

Happy breathing!
x Corie

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