When is the best time to have breakfast?

Did you know that the word ‘breakfast’ is really just short for ‘break fast’ – breaking your fast, get it?

If you sleep, you fast. Whether it’s a 4 hour, or 14 hour night sleep, you’re fasting!

The first thing you decide to eat after a fast is such an important decision and will literally make or break your energy levels for the day…

It’s not so important as to what time you eat your first meal of the day…

Rather WHAT you eat as your first meal of the day.

When I learned this, I decided to commit to “fruit first” – this shift has been a game changer for my energy levels!

It can be a piece of fruit, a fruit smoothie (fruit & water only), or a freshly squeezed fruit juice shot / drink.

Fruit first = instant energy + a positive ripple for the rest of my day.

So if you have to choose between a healthy snack and junk food like sugary cereal, breads, bagels…

Go with the healthy choice! Even if it pains you at first to do so.

You’ll thank yourself later on when you are feeling more upbeat, energized and don’t crash mid day.

This little switch will make a world of a difference!

CHALLENGE: Tomorrow morning, eat fruit first!

Keep crushing your goals, you got this🤙

x Cor

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