Healthy Habits

Declutter & Destress

Hi movers! I’m writing to you wishing you nothing but happiness, health, and success.

In the spirit of sharing tips to help busy people like yourself live a healthier life, today we’re touching on how decluttering your space can destress your body.

Saying Yes to Less

I remember reading about a study that was done that proved people are more likely to make a purchase when there are less options.

When people were given a large variety to choose from, most got overwhelmed and left with nothing, others would go back and forth between a few options, ultimately buying nothing. A few did make a purchase.

When people were given less options to choose from they bought almost every time. For example – we’re buying peanut butter – there’s 2 good brands to choose from (so either one is a hit). You also have the choice of creamy or crunchy. Easy choosing.

Now imagine if there were 20 different brands to choose from along with creamy, crunchy, or extra crunchy. It’s a lot to process mentally and this one small task can feel overwhelming. Let alone that’s only one of the many things you are shopping for that day.

This message stuck and I decided to apply this “Say Yes to Less” concept the best I could to my life and home…

Starting with my closet!

Less Clothing = More Joy

Let’s imagine your looking for something to wear for a party. Searching through your drawers and hangers. There’s an endless amount of clothes but you feel like you have absolutely nothing to wear.

This situation can cause our bodies some stress because now we start over thinking and work ourselves up. Nerves go up and our bodies start working in overdrive.

I’ve lived this time and time again, so that’s why I thought the closet was a great place for me to start decluttering.

I tossed old stuff and donated nice-but-not-my-type stuff.

If things didn’t fit right, toss. If I haven’t worn it this past year, toss.

I thinned out my closet to the point where I could fit my life in a duffle bag and personal bag.

The fact that I no longer have racks of clothes to go through every time I get dressed saves me so much mental energy. I also now love everything I wear because I keep what brings me joy and toss what doesn’t – which is a bonus!

Home Reset

I had so much success with decluttering my closet, and I wanted to commit to do a little something to declutter my space (and mind) on a daily basis.

So now each night, I like to do what I call a “home reset”. I go through each room and tuck things away, straighten up decor and furniture, sweep the floor if needed. It’s bliss when you wake up in the morning to a clean home. I feel set up for success and go about the day in a much more calm and confident way.

Look around your home and notice the little things that may be out of place or needs a spot to store. These out-of-place items can cause us unwanted mental chatter. When we clear things up physically, we clear things up mentally.

Wrapping Up

If there’s physical clutter in your space, you may experience mental clutter that’s causing your body stress.

On your free time, consider decluttering parts of your home, car, office, etc and incorporating a nightly home reset before hitting the hay.

Controlling what we can control and keeping our space neat, clean, and set up for success.

Happy decluttering! Much love,

x Cor

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