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Get to know your plants

We have about 20 plants in our apartment right now and I absolutely LOVE them. They teach me so much and love unconditionally 🙂

Mondays are watering day; also a day I like to send good vibes to my plants to help them grow.

Me singing to my plants:

“Everybody keep growing … you are loved … and you are blessed!”

~ realizing I could use some lovin too ~

Me singing to myself:

“Keep growing Cor … you are loved .. and you are blessed!”

Plants teach us how to love ourselves and others. You can get to know your plants by focusing on one at a time and learning how to care for it properly. Add to your plant collection once you feel like you know your plant(s) and what they need to thrive.

Other lessons from plants:

  • Plants teach us that each of us are VERY particular with our unique combination of likes, preferences, and viewpoints.
  • Plants teach us that some may eat more than others and that’s okay because it’s what’s right for them.
  • Plants teach us that we all thrive in a specific environment. Ie. some of us love sunlight and water… while others could do without the light and/or water all together (crazy to me but true!).
  • Plants teach us that something we may do often, others may hardly (if ever) do at all.

Plants have this unspoken language about them ~ universal language ~ that we can pull lessons from to help us live a healthier, more compassionate, and emphatic life.

What kind of plants do you have at home? How do you care for them? What have they taught you? Let us know in the comments below!

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