Think big picture

What do you want big picture?

Think 5, 10, 20 years out. What’s the end of the movie look like? Think BIG. These are our Someday Goals.

Finance: this could be a net worth goal, total # of paid off rental units, etc.

Personal: this could be anything under the sun that is personal to you – mine is to help a million people live a healthier life.

Health: this could be physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health-related. E.g.) delay / reverse an illness, cure mental chatter, heal emotions, connect with higher power.

Fitness: # of pull-ups, run x distance, compete in x amount of races / tournaments, etc.

Tools to get there

If we think ahead now, we can start to do a little bit everyday to achieve our goals.

The Life Map System will help you create the life of your dreams by prompting you to:

  • define your Someday Goals
  • break down your Someday Goals into Daily Goals

Daily Goals can be tracked via the Daily Powerlist.

No more wishing or wanting. If it’s a goal on the Life Map, it’s getting done.

Wrapping Up

Success starts with thinking big picture and using the Life Map and Daily Powerlist as tools to get there.

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