Daily Snippet, Goals

Motivation lighthouse

Lighthouse: a tower or other structure containing a beacon light to warn or guide ships at sea.

Lighthouse to ship as goal to me.

My goals act as a beacon light, guiding me along my way through life.

When I am faced with hard decisions or situations…

My goals are there to warn me of the risks of going in the wrong direction.

Motivation lighthouse. My guiding goals.


Weight Loss Plan

Want to lose weight? It’s simple. Commit to a plan, like the one below…


  • Lose 20 pounds in 2 months


  • Intermittent fasting
  • Cardio, yoga, strength training mix

Daily Tactics:

  • Eating window: 8 hrs (11-7pm for example)
  • More whole, fresh foods – less packaged / processed food
  • Half gallon of water minimum
  • Walk daily around the block minimum
  • 30 mins minimum of yoga / strength (mix of stretching, modified push ups, body weight squats, etc) set timer and get in your zone
  • No sugar, alcohol, fast food, chips etc

Weekly Reflection

Review your goal, strategy, and daily tactics on a weekly basis to make sure everything looks good. If the plan needs adjusting, weekly reflection is the perfect time to do so.

For example, you can bump up your cardio goal from a walk around the block to a jog around the block.

Maybe you scale your eating window time back to 6 hrs, or bump it up to 10 hrs.

Having your very own plan and adjusting it on a weekly basis to what works best for you = long-term success. Each time you review your plan you plant another seed of success. You are influencing your own actions to get the results you want.

And if you ever need feedback about your weight loss plan, reach out through my contact page I’d love to help out!

Here’s a food shopping list and some easy recipes to help get you started.

Plan. Do. Review.
x Cor


A League of Their Own

The Women’s Save the Redwoods League was an influential local force in the growing movement to save the redwoods in the early 1900s.

Keep in mind that at the turn of the 20th-century, the culture and norms of the Victorian era still dominated, and there were few ways for women to engage outside the domestic sphere.

So all across the country, women formed clubs to find creative means of civic engagement and community leadership.

Through these clubs, women exerted a discreet and lasting influence on the future of the developing West. Fortunately for the iconic redwood forest, in California, women’s clubs were on the forefront of forest policy reform.

The women were highly respected members of society, and they utilized their prominence to raise support for the cause.

They even employed the methods of environmental activism decades ahead of their time by placing themselves in the path of loggers!

They quite literally used their standing to defend the redwood trees, knowing the loggers — their friends, neighbors and family members — wouldn’t dare to harm them.

The influence of California women, and Humboldt County women in particular, in the early efforts to save the redwoods cannot be overstated.

Before it was a movement, before their communities approved or even understood, these women spoke to the national imperative to save the iconic ancient redwoods.

And they took action, persisting for years in the face of apathy, obstruction, and their own families’ self-interest, and helped to save some of the world’s most special places.

Source: savetheredwoods.org

This was such an incredible site to visit and if it wasn’t for the brave and courageous, we all would not have the chance to enjoy these big and warm spirits.

It’s a great lesson on following your heart and doing what’s right with persistence, regardless of what others may think or say!

x Corie


Impossible List

Ever hear of an Impossible List?

The Impossible List is an ever-evolving list of experiences that build upon each other, help others as well as yourself, and implore you to take action.

I got the idea from Thomas Frank, who got his idea from Joel Runyon, who created the world’s first impossible list and defined the difference between it & a regular bucket list.

You can find my impossible list here– which is, of course, ever-evolving🤍

Top 5 Goals

• Save $20,000 by 2022 (10%+ of income)
• Generate $200k revenue by 2022
• Accumulate 4 doors by 2022
• Post 1 blog / week for one year (52)
• Cycle outside 100 days in a row

Last 5 Completed Goals

• Learn how to ride a bike without using handlebars (May 2021)
• Go 100 days without alcohol (April 2021)
• Cycle outside 7 days in a row (April 2021)
• Create Property Management Policy Binder (March 2021)
• Ride down the mountain 12 times on a snowboard (March 2021)

If the idea of an Impossible List inspires you, I encourage you to make your own…

It has been super powerful for me and I’m just getting started🤙

x Corie


Success Rhythm

The success rhythm goes as follows and works for every goal in any area of life:

Plan. Do. Review. Repeat.

  1. Plan: Utilize knowledge to make a plan.
  2. Do: Execute on a plan while tracking progress along the way.
  3. Review: Use lessons from your mistakes to improve on a plan.
  4. Repeat: Adjust plans as needed and keep rolling- you’re moving in the right direction!

There is no secret to achieving your goals. Read that again.

You need to put in the work and persist.

Regardless of doubts, fears, unsuccessful plans, external forces…

Those who succeed persevere by learning more and adjusting their plans along the way with a good, positive attitude.

The successful just won’t give up, they refuse to.

They try things differently and take small, daily actions consistently over a long period of time.

Think long-term actions = long-term success.

x Corie