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Weekly Reflection Template

Use this template on a weekly basis to reflect on your Life Categories.


These are areas of your life that you are choosing to keep attention on.



What were some health wins this week? Fitness wins? And so on… write them out or talk about them – celebrate your milestones!


Learn anything new that struck a cord? Listen to or read something that gave you value?


Knowing what you know now – what do you need to change if you want to reach your goals, live happily, do what you love, etc?


A simple yes or no will do the trick! A quick judgement call on this one, nothing deep.

Keep on stepping fam!
x Cor

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Manifest Your Goals with Positive Emotions

If you’re like me, you are in constant work with your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

You’re trying to live a healthier, happier life by working on thinking better and feeling better.

We know that when we think and feel good, we attract more goodness.

And luckily for us, how to think and feel good isn’t a secret!

There are books like The Power of Positive Thinking, Think & Grow Rich, and The Power of Now that help us think and feel better.

This blog documents some of my thoughts on how we can use positive emotions to manifest our goals. So without further ado, let’s get to it!


Everything that exists in the universe is made up of small vibrating molecules.

There is a whole range of different frequencies too – just like you tune-in into a specific radio station, you can tune-in into a specific vibration, aka a vibe.

Tune Your Vibrations

You can tune into a specific vibe by feeling a specific combo of emotions.

For example, you’re hitting the gym or work soon. To get on some positive work vibes, we’re feeling a combo of desire, enthusiasm, and faith. To get on some negative work vibes, we’re feeling a combo of anger, fear, greed.

The vibe we’re on dictates how we experience life.

Positive and negative emotions can not occupy the mind at the same time. One will always dominate over the other. And it’s our responsibility to make it a habit to apply and use the positive emotions.

Eventually the positive emotions will dominate your mind so completely that the negative emotions can no longer enter it.

The Seven Major Positive Emotions

The emotion of DESIRE

The emotion of FAITH

The emotion of LOVE

The emotion of SEX

The emotion of ENTHUSIASM

The emotion of ROMANCE

The emotion of HOPE

As you go through this list of the seven major positive emotions – take a moment to feel each emotion.

Think of memories that bring out each emotion in you. Do you notice how each of these emotions feel slightly different?

As we get in tune with positive emotions in our inner world, we begin to attract positive experiences in our outer world.

In this way, we can use positive emotions to fuel our goals.

The positive emotions help us change our attitudes, which in turn changes what we do & how we do it.

Positive emotions have the power to change our life for the better.

Have a great week friends! I’m here if you need me

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Posted an insta post about overcoming inner resistance during a 5k trail run.

Wrote a blog about strength training with a template you can use to get started today.

Watched JD’s 200 miler documentary (30 mins) on YouTube.


Vision Exercise (2023)

​​What are 5 things you value most in life?

Picture and envision your ideal life. What does it look, sound, and feel like?

What makes this vision of your life really important to you? Why do you really want to reach this vision?

Imagine yourself in the future 3 years from now, as you look back what specific goals and milestones did you achieve? (be specific)

How can your goals specifically assist you in achieving your ideal life vision and your “why”?

​​What strengths can you draw on to achieve your goals? What are you naturally good at?

What habits do you need to establish or improve to reach your goals?

What is your top priority goal to achieve in the next 90 days?


Review your plan often

Okay, so at this point you set your goals and created a plan to achieve them.

You now know what you have to do on a daily basis to accomplish your goals.

You took the time to figure it out…

What you want, and how you’re going to get there.

“How often should I review my plan?”

When you first create your plan, I suggest diving into it daily. Reread your plan and see where you can adjust things (+ / -) to make your plan more simple and relevant to you.

Since plans are constantly adjusted, they are constantly changing. That’s why we can’t wait to have the “perfect plan” to get started, because the perfect plan doesn’t exist.

Your goal grows and manifests through your plan. It’s up to you to decide on the path you take to get there by reviewing your plan on an on-going basis.

When you feel like your plan is in a solid place, scale back diving into your plan on a weekly basis to see if any adjustments are needed.

Plan. Do. Review.

Stay blessed friends!

PS – check out this weight loss plan for reference 🙂


Think big picture

What do you want big picture?

Think 5, 10, 20 years out. What’s the end of the movie look like? Think BIG. These are our Someday Goals.

Finance: this could be a net worth goal, total # of paid off rental units, etc.

Personal: this could be anything under the sun that is personal to you – mine is to help a million people live a healthier life.

Health: this could be physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual health-related. E.g.) delay / reverse an illness, cure mental chatter, heal emotions, connect with higher power.

Fitness: # of pull-ups, run x distance, compete in x amount of races / tournaments, etc.

Tools to get there

If we think ahead now, we can start to do a little bit everyday to achieve our goals.

The Life Map System will help you create the life of your dreams by prompting you to:

  • define your Someday Goals
  • break down your Someday Goals into Daily Goals

Daily Goals can be tracked via the Daily Powerlist.

No more wishing or wanting. If it’s a goal on the Life Map, it’s getting done.

Wrapping Up

Success starts with thinking big picture and using the Life Map and Daily Powerlist as tools to get there.


A little bit everyday

The little stuff adds up overtime.

You workout today, you won’t see much difference physically.

You workout today, tomorrow, and everyday for a year, you’ll see and feel the difference.

You read 10 pages today, you won’t see much difference mentally and emotionally.

You read today, tomorrow, and everyday for a year, you’ll see and feel the difference.

It’s very much choosing our path in life.

If we decide to do the little things today to get to our goals, we’ll get there overtime.

If we don’t decide to do the little things today to get to our goals, we’ll never get there.

If you do, you will.

If you don’t, you will never.

This blog reminds me of what you eat adds up.

Happy December my loves! Let’s keep rocking on our goals.

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Life Map: A Goal Setting System

Writing down our goals and breaking them down into small, doable tasks is how we get extraordinary results.

Good builders don’t build without a blueprint. So why would we make the mistake of just winging life and taking whatever it gives us, when we can make actual plans and live a life of our own design?

Lifestyle by design → making our dream life a reality. It’s totally doable, ya just have to know what you want. And that’s where the Life Map comes into play!

Let’s create a Google spreadsheet. Categories going down, Goals going across.

Or just download a template of mine here 🙂

Choose 3-5 categories

What are your top 3-5 categories that you’d like to set big “someday” goals in?

  • Personal
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Romance
  • Charity

Someday goal

Next, we’re going to come up with a “someday goal” for each category. This is where visualizing what you want your life to look like comes in handy! It’s the perfect time to write out your dream life.

Once you have a someday goal for each category, let’s move on to each category individually:

5 year goal

What’s the one thing I can do in 5 years that will help me accomplish my someday goal?

1 year goal

What’s the one thing I can do this year that will help me accomplish my 5 year goal?

1 week goal

What’s the one thing I can do this week that will help me accomplish my 1 year goal?

Daily goal

What’s the one thing I can do today that will help me accomplish my 1 week goal?

BONUS: Right now goal

What’s the one thing I can do right now that will help me accomplish my daily goal?

Wrapping Up

The Life Map will keep you on track toward your goals, and will help you make big and small decisions you’ll be faced with down the road – “will saying yes to this push me toward my goals or away from them?”

The Life Map is a tool, and must be used on an on-going basis to get the best results possible. Yes that means reviewing your sheet daily 🙂

Your Life Map will be ever-evolving as you accomplish goals and replace them with new ones, so don’t get stuck on getting everything written out perfectly before taking action on your daily goals. Goals may change, even categories may change. The key is to keep up on the dailies and adjust along the way.

Take control of what you can control. Small actions lead to big results.

Commit to the Life Map and create the life of your dreams 🙂

X Cor


Closing out 2022 & Planning for 2023

As November approaches, now is the perfect time to start closing out 2022 and planning for 2023.

Here are my tasks to complete by the end of December:

  1. Review 2022 1 year goals in Life Map. How am I making out? Any adjustments needed to reach the goal?
  2. Read over and answer self analysis questions in Think & Grow Rich
  3. Jesse Itzler’s Build Your Life Resume workbook
  4. Plan 2023 Misogi Challenge
  5. Plan and schedule 2023 trips
  6. Plan and schedule 6 new experiences (Kevin’s Rule)
  7. Set 2023 one year goals in Life Map
  8. Happiness Project: List 12 habits to work on in 2023 (1 for each month)
  9. Review 2022 finances, set 2023 budgets
  10. Review / update health & fitness plan

How are you closing out the year and planning for the new year?!


Inner peace vs inner conflict

When our actions line up with our core values, we feel inner peace.

When our actions go against our core values, we feel inner conflict.

For example…

If I say I’m going to do something, and do it – I feel good.

If I say I’m going to do something, and don’t do it – I feel bad.

Knowing that integrity (doing what I said I’ll do, when I said I’ll do it) is a core value of mine…

I can see right away that I feel bad because my actions are not in alignment.

Moving forward, I’m going to be much more cautious of what I say yes to while putting in place things to help me fulfill my promises (reminders, alarms, google calendar, etc)

Getting to know our core values is important if we are looking to live a healthier, happier life.

When we dig deep on our core values, we change our…

  • Way of thinking
  • Actions
  • Life situation

Core values are like intentions. You write them, feel them, and work to get them done.

Ready to get to work on your core values?

Check out this article I wrote 🙂