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Jasmine Rice Recipe

Hey y’all!

Today’s the day I upload my simple jasmine rice recipe.

Rice is a staple in my diet and learning how to cook it quickly and efficiently goes a long way.

Soooo… let’s get rice into it!


Jasmine rice
(check that this is the only ingredient on the packaging)

1 pot

1 wooden spoon


1. Fill up a pot with water.

For every cup of rice you want to make, add in 1.5 cups of water.

The ratio looks like this… 1:1.5 1 cup of rice, 1.5 cups of water.

To get the amount of water needed quickly, multiple the number of cups you’re making by 1.5 – cool now that we’re clear on the specifics…

2. Add in some oil, and any desired seasonings.

3. Lid your pot.

4. Bring water to a boil using high heat.

5. Once water is boiling, add in your rice. Stir.

6. Keep the burner on high heat.

7. Partially lid your pot.

8. Be patient and let the water boil out without touching the rice.

9. Once you cannot visibly see or hear water, use a wooden spoon to turn the rice (clockwise direction around the edge) bringing the bottom rice toward the top. I call this fluffing!

10. You don’t want wet rice so allow the rice to cook for a few minutes longer on high heat and then turn off your burner when all looks good.

11. Let cool, plate, snap a pic, and enjoy!

12. Send your creation, some feedback, and any questions to me via email.

Happy eating! ♡
x Corie

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