Healthy Habits, Mindset

How can we cope positively with our anxiety?

Of course we get a overwhelmed sometimes…

And sometimes we aren’t 100% present…

Off thinking about the past or future.

Belly breaths

Anytime you feel anxiety or frustration coming up…

Use it as a signal that you need to stop and take some deep belly breaths.

4 counts in. Hold.

4 counts out. Hold.

Aim to do at least 5 deep belly breaths.

Repeat these counts until you are feeling better.

Slow down

Take 5-10 minutes to open a window and journal out your emotions…

Or take a walk / spend time in nature to clear your mind.


Whether you are indoors or outdoors…

Putting your arms and legs in positions they aren’t normally in throughout the day will increase your blood flow…

Which in turn increases your energy.

With more energy, you’ll be able to work through emotions more effectively.

Eat healthy foods & hydrate

Work on eating small bits of fruit and vegetables throughout the day to keep your body fueled.

Again, this produces more energy for you.

Of course drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

When we take care of our basic need of clean fuel…

We gain more energy and more opportunity to work on our emotional needs.

Connect with family and friends

Reach out to those around you to see who can hold space for a little while…

Text / call / facetime whatever you need to feel connected.

Pray & meditate

A regular spiritual practice can help to relieve any and all anxiety.

I have first hand experience that prayer power truly does work wonders.

A few minutes a day goes a long way to calming your nerves and worries.

I believe prayer and mediation are an essential part of healing your mind, body & soul.

Self care

What you could use right now?

Maybe a hot shower and face mask…

Or a yoga session and some deep breathing…

Or a sun bath and a nature walk?

Practice taking in consideration your own needs and how you can incorporate more YOU time into your day.

I’m here for anyone needing to work through their thoughts and emotions.

We are in this together.

x Corie

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