Healthy Habits

Are the past and future conceptions of the mind?

The past

The past does not define you if you decide to take different action today.

Because what you do now, in this very moment, is what truly matters.

The past should be reflected upon if you are retrieving information for immediate use…

Making sure not to dwell on what you could or should of done.

We’re looking for lessons…

Because that’s how we grow and become better.

The future

The future is great (and important) to plan, but living in the future will only disrupt your present moment…

The only true moment you will ever have.

When you catch yourself in dream mode more often than you would like…

Acknowledge that you are in dream mode, or have been lately…

And just look around NOW.

Notice things that you haven’t noticed before.

Listen to all the noises.

Smell the air.

Feel what’s in front of you.

Notice your body’s energy.

Pray for what you appreciate.

Be present.

Think about it ♡
x Corie

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