Healthy Habits

Are the past and future conceptions of the mind?

The past does not define you if you decide to take different action today.

Because what you do now, in this very moment, is what truly matters.


The past should be reflected upon if you are retrieving information for immediate use…

Making sure not to dwell on what you could or should of done.

We’re looking for lessons…

Because that’s how we grow and become better.

Making Mistakes

Mistakes are only mistakes if we do not learn and change because of them.

The true mistake would be holding onto our mistake…

Dwelling on the past of how things could have gone differently.

Here’s a little 3-step system on using mistakes as a stepping stone:

  1. Find the lesson in the mistake > what is the universe trying to teach you right now?

    For example, if I am rushing around trying to get out the door and accidently drop a glass cup. Of course I’m immediately frustrated because I’m already late as it is, but I take a deep breath and laugh a little. “Yes I know I’m rushing around and need to slow down.” That’s the lesson: slow down, move at God’s speed, be in the moment, relax your nerves, getting worked up won’t make you un-late, don’t put yourself or others at harm because you are allowing your nerves to take over.

  2. Commit to making a change

    Going with the above example- once I find my lesson, which I shortly define as “move at God’s speed”, I immediately commit to making the change in my thinking and behavior. I clean up the broken glass with ease, breathing and working consciously to relax my nerves. I am feeling much more laid back and get to feeling that I will get there when I get there. I get to my destination 10 minutes later than I was scheduled to, however the person I was meeting was running even later than I was. Wow! Good thing I didn’t allow myself to stay worked up lol. Stories like this happen to me here and there, anyone else?!

  3. Give thanks > thank the universe for the lesson of love it has brought you ♡

Thinking about the future

The future is great (and important) to plan, but living in the future will only disrupt your present moment…

The only true moment you will ever have.

When you catch yourself in dream mode more often than you would like…

Acknowledge that you are in dream mode, or have been lately…

And just look around NOW.

Notice things that you haven’t noticed before.

Listen to all the noises.

Smell the air.

Feel what’s in front of you.

Notice your body’s energy.

Pray for what you appreciate.

Be present.

When you are feeling negative…

Undesired states of mind (worry, fear, anger, depression) come from being too consumed in the past or future.

You may be thinking of all that you have to do tomorrow, etc. (future thinking = worry / fear / anxiety)

Or you may be consumed with guilt or regret about a past situation, etc. (past thinking = anger / depression)

Do not judge when your mind starts to wonder…

Or when you start feeling these negative emotions.

Simply become aware that you are feeling the way you are…

Make a mental note to reflect on it later…

And work through your WHAT I LOVE CHECKLIST to get your joy back.

How awareness plays a role

*walks into kitchen and sees dirty dishes in sink*

*gets a little irritated*

HERE is where people usually stop and the irritation is just left swirling around in their energy field…

I’m sure you can imagine what that can do to a person overtime.

For others HERE is where the journey lies…

*deep breath* (this is an important step)

*forces a smile*

*takes a mental note to reflect later*

*takes a moment to find one thing to be immensely grateful for in that moment*

“I am so grateful to be alive and to be able to stand on my own two feet (feels gratitude deep within the heart and belly). Yanno… I’m going to take a walk right after I’m finished with these dishes, it’s beautiful out!”

The above example, to me, is a healthy and positive way of handling negative feelings…

And also helps to prevent wandering negative thoughts.

Wandering negative thoughts, in my experience, lead to break downs, panic attacks, under / over eating, outbursts, etc.

I am absolutely not going to allow dirty dishes to set me into a raging outburst…

So I make the choice to focus on what I’m grateful for and mellow out.

Think about it ♡
x Corie

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