How to (healthy) Food Shop

1. Set a budget

This can be a weekly or monthly budget. Sticking to it is key.

You can utilize a calculator during your visit to ensure you are within budget.

Anything left over from your budget can be used for the night you want to order in or go out to eat!

This concept also helps to keep expenses low, compared to freely spending money on food with no structure or awareness.

2. Prepare an “Eat to Live” shopping list

Working off of a list takes the guess work out of your shopping. This saves time and calories!

Set yourself up for success by cutting out the junk food, candy, cookies and anything else that isn’t considered clean before you even step in the store.

Remind yourself why you are deciding not to buy these items, so when you are tempted to get them in store, you’ll have better chances of turning toward more healthier options.

Once you get that habit going, you won’t be able to stop!

3. Head to the store during slow hours

This way you can avoid both street traffic and store traffic, saving you some time and energy.

If you’re tight on time or have the money to invest, there are plenty of home delivery services that will drop fresh groceries off right to your door step!

4. Eat before you go or bring a light snack

Please learn from my mistakes and fuel up & hydrate before your food shop run! If you go hungry or thirsty, you’ll be much more likely to make impulse purchases, or buy way more than you need.

5. Organize your fridge utilizing a system

Last week’s food: top shelf. New food: middle shelf. Fruits: back of fridge/bottom shelf.

This will save you time during the week when you are looking for something – you won’t have to search around for long.

Feel free, of course, to personalize the system to work best for you!

6. Meal prep

Whether you need to bake potatoes, cut your veggies, or prep your salads – doing it in the beginning of your food week (right after food shopping) will save you a ton of time! It’s essential.

Food shopping and meal prep usually happen within a day of each other, most likely the same day. I carve out three hours total for food shopping and meal prep.

Save this post and share it with a friend if you found these tips helpful!

What are some questions you may have about health and fitness?

How has your journey been going?

x Corie

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