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How can I lose weight fast?

Looking for a way to lose weight fast? Perfect, keep reading on! I got you with some of my best tips on how to shed those pounds in a healthy way, quickly and safely.

Drink fruit water

Start your day and stay hydrated with fruit infused water! This is an easy trick to get your vitamins in along with your daily h2o – a two for one.

Fill up a pitcher of water, throw in some fruit, and refrigerate it overnight.

Try one of my fav combos:

  • Lemon orange
  • Raspberry cherry
  • Lemon strawberry
  • Blueberry mango
  • Strawberry pineapple

Move more

Moving burns off calories, keeps our joints and muscles in shape, relieves stress, and brings in new vibrant energy for our day.

Walk around the block, do some yoga or light stretching, knock out a pilates or strength training workout, hit the bike, go on a hike, shoot some hoops, and whatever else you can think of that gets you inspired to move.

Keep a clean diet

So like we’ve talked about before, a diet is just a way of eating – what you choose to eat on a daily basis.

I personally like to keep my dos and donts of my diet written down in my Google Keep.

Feel free to use my plan or something like it:

  • Fruit first
  • Plant-based diet
  • More whole-foods
  • Limit processed foods
  • Limit alcohol

Intermittent fasting

Basically this is your eating window: a dedicated timeframe when you eat each day.

Having an eating window allows your body to get into a routine.

A routine is ideal when we are trying to lose weight because it keeps our digestive system in a rhythm / healthy flow.

Write down your plan

What is your goal, strategy, and daily tactics? Here’s an example weight loss plan I put together for your reference!

Review your plan weekly

Plan the work. Do the work. Review the work.

Adjustin’ along the way.

Bonus miles: do a little more, get a little more

Some other things to jump start your journey:

  • Read more non-fiction books
  • Have a stellar morning routine
  • 5 deep belly breaths to calm the nerves
  • Eat more herbs and spices
  • Less coffee more tea
  • Change up your environment
  • Think good feel good attract good
  • S M I L E M O R E ☺️

I’ve been there wanting to lose the weight, tone up, to just feel generally better and not having an easy road map to follow. Hope these tips inspire you, I’m always here❤️

x Cor

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