Have a bike? Ride to get fresh groceries

What’s a FUN, health conscious thing you could do today? Ride your bike to get fresh groceries 🙂

I’m blessed to have a grocery store and produce shop right down the road…

And I can use my bike to get there!

Exercise, sunshine, snacks, nooo car needed.

If you do have a bike at home, are you taking advantage of it or letting a great way to work your heart and mind slip through the cracks?

PS – omg y’all! This is my 100th post on the blog😭 my 2022 personal goal was to post 100 healthy living blogs and weee got it done!

My writing consistency was looking a little rocky in the beginning of the year (weekly/biweekly blogs) but with picking up the daily snippet goal recently – I’ve accomplished my goal well ahead of schedule.

Always and forever grateful. Feeling blessed. Appreciating the good times. Learning and adjusting along the way. Working on doing what I said I’ll do.

Stay blessed my friends!


5 breaths per pose

Tight muscles? Have thought about doing yoga or some type of stretching for a while now but don’t know where to begin? Want to get back into a yoga practice?

A great place to start is 5 breaths per pose.

For each pose you do, whether it’s basic stretching or a yoga sequence, hold that stretch for 5 deep belly breaths.

Fill up your lungs – all the way in, all the way out.

Feel your muscles and nerves relax with each exhalation.

Move onto the next pose.

Ask Joey Diandrea, he’s recently implemented this tip and is seeing much success with it!


Morning emotions matter

You wake up full of wonder.

Your mind is racing – thinking about the day ahead, your past, your future.

5 deep belly breaths to calm your nerves.

Use your 5 senses to ground yourself in the now – hear, see, feel, smell, taste.

Name 3 things you are grateful for.

Bring this feeling of peace into the day with you. Namaste.

Healthy Habits

How can I keep off the weight after I lose it?

Amazing work! You put in the time and energy and achieved your weight loss goal.

Now is the time to keep your awareness on high alert. Stick with your new habits and they will give you the direction you need.

If we allow ourselves to fall back into old routines the pounds come back – simple as that!

Below are some tips to keep weight off in a healthy way…

Have a daily checklist

This is your list of healthy habits you plan to do today. I like to use Google Sheets to keep track of how I’m doing.

Some examples:

  • fruit until noon
  • eating window 12-7pm
  • plant-based diet
  • 1 gallon of water
  • 30 minutes of strength training
  • 1 mile walk / run
  • 5 deep belly breaths
  • plan for tomorrow

Choose a healthier alternative

Eat plants, feel better. An easy swap here and there can have ya feeling less bloated and irritated, and more energized and healthy.

Here are some of my personal fav swaps…

  • almond milk instead of cow milk
  • beans, tofu, tempeh instead of meat
  • nutritional yeast instead of cheese
  • fruit smoothie instead of a milkshake
  • coffee with oat milk
  • fruit water instead of juice or soda
  • pizza with no cheese, add veggies
  • salad with dressing on the side

Recreate your favorite dishes with healthy ingredients

Here are some easy plant-based recipes for your reference including comfort foods and desserts☺️

Have food prep and snacks on go

There are three staple foods in the plant-based diet…

  • rice
  • beans
  • potatoes

Your fridge should always have at least one cooked up ready to heat and eat so you can make meals quickly throughout your busy week!

What are your healthy snacks that hit those cravings? Make sure to have them quickly and readily available – the less hassle to make in the moment the better.

  • hummus and baby carrots
  • oats, peanut butter, almond milk
  • avocado toast with everything but the bagel seasoning
  • protein shake
  • side salad with acv, oil, salt, pepper
  • pure maple syrup, cacao powder, nuts

Drink fruit water and hot tea

It’s important to stay hydrated we all know that…

And adding fruit to your water like lemon or strawberries will give ya an extra boost – feeling good, looking good, doing good😎

Hot tea is how we can benefit from herbs in a fun and soothing way.

My fav tea combos right now:

  • morning: peppermint tea bag, squeeze of lemon
  • afternoon: vitamin C shine tea bag
  • before bed: sleepy time tea bag, black cherry tea bag, dried hibiscus flower

Be ready to choose healthy

When you go out for food or drinks, be on high alert of what you say yes to.

Does the restaurant have healthier alternatives? Before committing to an invite out to eat, I always look up a menu online to see what I would get. If the place doesn’t work for me, I’ll suggest somewhere else.

Another fun tip is to have a go-to low cal drink you can order when you’re out – whether it’s alcohol or not. Ya can never go wrong with a club soda, splash of cranberry, and lime.

Sit down once a week to reflect

  • What were some wins this week?
  • What did we learn / any ah-has?
  • What are some needed fixes?
  • When are we getting these needed fixes done? Schedule the task in if needed.

Wrapping up

Keeping weight off is all about doing the little stuff everyday. Are your decisions moving you away from your goal, or toward it?

I’m here❤️
x Cor

Healthy Habits

How can I lose weight fast?

Looking for a way to lose weight fast? Perfect, keep reading on! I got you with some of my best tips on how to shed those pounds in a healthy way, quickly and safely.

Drink fruit water

Start your day and stay hydrated with fruit infused water! This is an easy trick to get your vitamins in along with your daily h2o – a two for one.

Fill up a pitcher of water, throw in some fruit, and refrigerate it overnight.

Try one of my fav combos:

  • Lemon orange
  • Raspberry cherry
  • Lemon strawberry
  • Blueberry mango
  • Strawberry pineapple

Move more

Moving burns off calories, keeps our joints and muscles in shape, relieves stress, and brings in new vibrant energy for our day.

Walk around the block, do some yoga or light stretching, knock out a pilates or strength training workout, hit the bike, go on a hike, shoot some hoops, and whatever else you can think of that gets you inspired to move.

Keep a clean diet

So like we’ve talked about before, a diet is just a way of eating – what you choose to eat on a daily basis.

I personally like to keep my dos and donts of my diet written down in my Google Keep.

Feel free to use my plan or something like it:

  • Fruit first
  • Plant-based diet
  • More whole-foods
  • Limit processed foods
  • Limit alcohol

Intermittent fasting

Basically this is your eating window: a dedicated timeframe when you eat each day.

Having an eating window allows your body to get into a routine.

A routine is ideal when we are trying to lose weight because it keeps our digestive system in a rhythm / healthy flow.

Write down your plan

What is your goal, strategy, and daily tactics? Here’s an example weight loss plan I put together for your reference!

Review your plan weekly

Plan the work. Do the work. Review the work.

Adjustin’ along the way.

Bonus miles: do a little more, get a little more

Some other things to jump start your journey:

  • Read more non-fiction books
  • Have a stellar morning routine
  • 5 deep belly breaths to calm the nerves
  • Eat more herbs and spices
  • Less coffee more tea
  • Change up your environment
  • Think good feel good attract good
  • S M I L E M O R E ☺️

I’ve been there wanting to lose the weight, tone up, to just feel generally better and not having an easy road map to follow. Hope these tips inspire you, I’m always here❤️

x Cor

Food, Movement

Burn More, Lose Weight

If you are trying to lose weight, burn more calories than you are consuming!

1 pound of fat = 3500 calories which means in order to lose weight, we have to burn more than we are consuming on a daily basis.

How? It’s simple… exercise / move more often and consume less calories (note that it’s less calories, not less food)

Easy math:
Say you burn 2,500 calories for the day, and you consume 2,000 calories. That’s 500 calories down. To get to 1 pound of fat burned off, we are looking to get 3,500 calories down. 7 days at 500 calories down = 3,500 calories down = 1 pound of fat burned off.

I’m sure you can see how the day to day really does matter whether you are looking to gain, lose, or maintain your weight.

It’s important to stay active and eat well – we all know this. Taking the first step is the hardest, but once you start and get in a rhythm, you won’t have to push yourself as hard to get it done – you will start to form the habit of doing —> less thinking and wishing, more doing and improving.

CHALLENGE! For the next 30 days, commit to moving more and eating cleaner, healthier (low-cal) foods. A little bit everyday absolutely goes a long way and the change you’re seeking to make can start today if you decide to follow through on your commitment.

Here’s a free movement guide for ya to get started…

Along with a food shop checklist and some easy healthy recipes.

Regardless if you walk, run, lift weights, etc —> burning more than you consume will ultimately drop the extra pounds you’re trying to lose.

Keep on stepping!

x Corie