Legs on the wall

Hi all! I’m currently writing to you with my legs up on the wall. 🙂

When we sit or stand for long periods of time, it can hurt our blood circulation. Our legs and feet can even become swollen, or worse…

So when we put our legs above our heart we are encouraging happy blood flow.

I love this pose and you can do it pretty much anywhere – floor, bed, couch, outside, etc.

No wall? No problem. Elevate your legs above your heart using pillows or something similar. Even a slight elevation will work magic.

Getting our legs up and moving them more…

Improves blood circulation, our lymphatic system, sleep, and energy levels…

Relieves pain, swelling, and headaches…

And helps with digestion, inflammation, and bloating.

The more you can do it the better.

Like when you’re reading, watching your shows / vids, creating content (me right now!), pondering about life, napping, & so on.

Leg health is real! Take care of those babies.

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