Daily Snippet, Healthy Habits

Higher Form of Reasoning

Something bad ever happen and it turned out to be for your own good in the end?

Maybe you learned a valuable lesson, or an opportunity came and you were at the right place at the right time.

Higher Form of Reasoning is a way of thinking, a belief, that everything that happens is for our greater good.

The good, the bad, all of it.

This way of thinking invites more love, joy, happiness, and hopefulness in our lives.

When we dwell on the bad, victimizing ourselves “poor us” – we invite more grief, sadness, anger, and jealously in our lives.

Higher Form of Reasoning tells us that it’s all working in our favor 🙂

Daily Snippet

Fill your space with things that inspire you to…


Books, plants, yoga stuff, writing desk, boho decor, crystals, incense, good music.

What inspires you?

How you can fill your space with things that inspire you to learn, move, and create more?

Daily Snippet, Food

Which foods will give me lasting energy?

Simple answer here… whole foods!

Foods like rice, beans, potatoes…

Fruits, vegetables, grains…

All of these natural foods contain vitamins and minerals that our bodies love and need.

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Daily Snippet, Easy Recipes

Spicy Ginger Tea

Upset stomach? Feeling a little off health wise? Bloated? Achy? Need an energy boost?

Try some spicy ginger tea 🙂


  • Ginger root
  • Turmeric root powder
  • Black pepper
  • Water


  • Small pot
  • Mug


1. Place a small pot of water on high heat.

2. Throw in a slice of ginger root, a tablespoon of turmeric root powder, and some cracked black pepper.

3. Boil your tea for 15 mins.

4. Pour in your mug, let cool, and enjoy!

Daily Snippet, Goals

Motivation lighthouse

Lighthouse: a tower or other structure containing a beacon light to warn or guide ships at sea.

Lighthouse to ship as goal to me.

My goals act as a beacon light, guiding me along my way through life.

When I am faced with hard decisions or situations…

My goals are there to warn me of the risks of going in the wrong direction.

Motivation lighthouse. My guiding goals.

Daily Snippet, Healthy Habits

Life feeling easy? Do your day differently

Workouts are easy, the daily routine is easy, the food shopping is easy, the work is easy.

When life feels easy, we’re comfortable.

We feel in control, we have our rhythm down, and we got a plan going without any perceived flaws.

BUT something we know to be true is that we only grow when we’re uncomfortable.

So if life is feeling easy, I’m not growing?


So how do I keep growing when life feels easy?

I’m glad you asked! You can…

Life feeling easy? Do your day differently 🙂

Daily Snippet, Healthy Habits

Use it or lose it

My decluttering mantra: “use it or lose it.”

Look around, if you haven’t used something for over a year – absolutely get rid of it.

I have a 6 month rule for materials and a 1 year rule for clothes (all the seasons).

If I haven’t used something in 6 months, I toss or donate it.

If I haven’t worn something in 1 year, I toss or donate it.

Keep it simple. You can always buy something similar again if you need to, but I doubt it 🙂

Less is more.

Daily Snippet, Healthy Habits

Create a fun work desk at home

Need a little inspiration for a work desk you’re putting together at home?

My fun work desk at home features:

  • A frame wall including some pieces Joey and I created
  • Real live plants 🙂
  • Maps of the USA and world
  • A yoga ball to sit on
  • Crystals, incense, a candle
  • String lights and a fuzzy rug
  • A funky closet curtain
  • Some good music

Let’s make work fun again ♡

Daily Snippet

Don’t sweat the small stuff

And it’s all small stuff.

Daily Snippet

Being uncomfortable is how we grow

Ever make a mistake?

You now know what not to do next time. Growth.

Ever go somewhere new and was a little nervous?

I bet it turned out to be a fine ol time and maybe you even learned some things. Growth.

Ever have to stand up in front of people and speak?

You spoke and felt stronger after.

Or you didn’t speak and you learned something about yourself. Growth.

Ever set a goal for yourself and wasn’t sure if you’d actually get it done?

You did what you needed – even if your mind screamed against it – and achieved the impossible. Growth.

Do you feel uncomfortable reading these?

Do you feel and see the growth?