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Ask more questions

Feeling stuck? Asking more questions can help give us clarity.

What do you see for your life?

Who do you want to be?

Who and what do you need to surround yourself with?

What kind of energy do you want in your circle?

Are you going with what others want?

Are you living for other people, trying to please their expectations?

Are you challenging the “norm” and doing things differently?

Are you asking questions, trying to make the best life for yourself?

2 thoughts on “Ask more questions”

  1. That’s a great mindset to have, always touching base with yourself and seeing where you’re headed. We all need to take the time to recalibrate sometimes instead of blindly drifting through life. Thanks for this post!

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    1. Yes totally agree!!! I do a weekly reflection and go over my wins, ah-has, and needed fixes for the week – I’ve found tremendous value in that I make tiny adjustments along the way. The needed fixes always humble me because even when I feel like I have life figured out I’ll have some things I need to change up. Thanks for reading!


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