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Higher Form of Reasoning

Something bad ever happen and it turned out to be for your own good in the end?

Maybe you learned a valuable lesson, or an opportunity came and you were at the right place at the right time.

Higher Form of Reasoning is a way of thinking, a belief, that everything that happens is for our greater good.

The good, the bad, all of it.

This way of thinking invites more love, joy, happiness, and hopefulness in our lives.

When we dwell on the bad, victimizing ourselves “poor us” – we invite more grief, sadness, anger, and jealously in our lives.

Higher Form of Reasoning tells us that it’s all working in our favor 🙂

Daily Snippet

Don’t sweat the small stuff

And it’s all small stuff.

Daily Snippet, Healthy Habits

Take it one step at a time

If you feel overwhelmed with life, let’s focus on the very next step you can take.

Maybe it’s getting out of bed.

Maybe it’s drinking some water.

Maybe it’s eating a healthy snack, writing down a goal, going for a walk, answering a daily reflection prompt, calling a friend.

And maybe it’s literally taking one more step.

It’s not about the day anymore, it’s about the moment. What can we do now to get a little closer to our goals (getting 1% healthier)?

Whatever you need in this moment, allow yourself to have it.

Stay blessed my friends!

Daily Snippet, Healthy Habits

Daily reflection prompts for personal growth

At the end of everyday, write down what you did or didn’t do and how you feel about it.

Below are my daily reflection prompts… use them as you please and feel free to customize them to your specific goals:

Golden nugget: What’s one thing I learned today? (Keep it short and sweet; 5 words or less.)

Rate the following 1-5 and take notes:

  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Reactions
  • Communication

Track exercise: What activities did I do today and for how long?

Track meditation: How many minutes of intentional silence / active resting / deep breathing today?

Track sleep: How many hours of sleep did I get last night? How did that affect my day today?

Track meals: How many healthy meals did I have today? How many unhealthy meals?

Plan, do, review.

Daily Snippet

Feeling lazy? Try productive prompts

Good morning movers! If you’d like to feel some gratitude and clarity for your day ahead try out these productive prompts…

3 things I am grateful for:

  • Being alive! Life! A new day.
  • My family and friends.
  • This blog and the inspiration and joys it brings me everyday.

Top 3 activities for the day:

  • Walking champ
  • Creating content
  • Shift at BBI

Today’s powerlist:

  • Daily mile
  • Daily snippet
  • Fruit first
  • 30 minutes movement
  • 30 minutes writing Healthy Handbook 2023

Thoughts (brain dump):

  • I am feeling blessed learning how to manage my stress more and more. Today I changed my weekly health goal to a 30 minute meditation and daily health goal to 5 deep belly breaths. I’m excited to put more attention to those habits.

Quote of the day:

Focus on the good, the good gets better.

Daily Snippet

Get to know your plants

I have about 20 plants in our apartment right now and I absolutely LOVE them. They teach me so much and love me unconditionally 🙂

Mondays are watering day; also a day I like to send good vibes to my plants to help them grow.

Me singing to my plants:

“Everybody keep growing … you are loved … and you are blessed!”

~ realizing I could use some lovin too ~

Me singing to myself:

“Keep growing Cor … you are loved .. and you are blessed!”

Plants teach us how to love ourselves and others. You can get to know your plants by focusing on one at a time and learning how to care for it properly. Add to your plant collection once you feel like you know your plant(s) and what they need to thrive.

Other lessons from plants:

  • Plants teach us that each of us are VERY particular with our unique combination of likes, preferences, and viewpoints.
  • Plants teach us that some may eat more than others and that’s okay because it’s what’s right for them.
  • Plants teach us that we all thrive in a specific environment. Ie. some of us love sunlight and water… while others could do without the light and/or water all together (crazy to me but true!).
  • Plants teach us that something we may do often, others may hardly (if ever) do at all.

Plants have this unspoken language about them ~ universal language ~ that we can pull lessons from to help us live a healthier, more compassionate, and emphatic life.

What kind of plants do you have at home? How do you care for them? What have they taught you? Let us know in the comments below!

Daily Snippet

Daily mile minimum

Hey friends! I just finished up day 199 of daily mile minimum 🙂

My current fitness goal: run/walk/hike 1 mile a day (minimum) – 365 days in a row.

A daily mile puts me at 10-25 minutes a day depending on if I’m running or walking…

Which in reality isn’t much time at all!

Lace up, start Strava, and get to stepping.

Daily mile minimum is a great mental challenge and a perfect example of an easy to do, easy not to do activity that we touched on a few days ago.

Movers! Do you vibe with the daily mile minimum / these type of fitness goals? What are you currently working toward?! Comment below!

Last summer I completed cycle outdoors 100 days in a row and found tremendous value.

Challenge yourself to do new things in a fun and realistic way. Need help coming up with a goal? Hit me up or comment below!

Check out > my Strava profile < for daily mile updates.


Daily Snippet

Ask more questions

What do you see for your life?

Are you living for other people, trying to please their expectations?

Or are you asking questions, and trying to make the best decision for yourself?

Are you going with what others want?

Or are you challenging the “norm” and doing things differently?

Who do you want to be? Who and what do you need to surround yourself with? What kind of energy do you want in your circle?

Daily Snippet

Easy to do, easy not to do

Brushing our teeth.

Taking a shower.

Eating the right foods.

Drinking enough water.

Reaching out to friends / family.


Giving thanks.

Breathing deeply.

Reading a few pages.


Saying yes to things that bring us joy.

These things like many others are very easy to do, and very easy not to do.

Day after day, we have the choice: to do or not to do.

And what we decide creates our life.

Daily Snippet

Think peace, feel peace

Think of the mountains.

The ocean.

The canyons.

The rainforest.

The streams.

Calm and serene.

Breathe deeply and feel peace.