Hungry? Eat fruit first

The concept fruit first comes from the idea that our bodies digest fruit better when our stomachs are empty.

Fruit is water based so we digest it very quickly on an empty stomach…

And awesomely enough, the fruit’s vitamins and minerals are distributed throughout our bodies fast without using much energy at all…

Boosting our energy in the process!

When we eat fruit first, we are giving our bodies the chance digest foods quicker.

Let’s throw a piece of bread in as an example…

  • Fruit is water based
  • Bread is grain / seed based

Your body will naturally require more energy to digest bread than it does fruit.

If your stomach is full of bread and you eat fruit on top of that, your body will be digesting the bread first and the fruit second.

The fruit then sits in your stomach until it’s digested and may cause you some burping or gas pains in the meantime.

Let’s set our digestive system & belly up for success and eat fruit first 🙂

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