Impossible List

The Impossible List is an ever-evolving list of experiences that build upon each other and inspire you to take action in life; to create new experiences.

I got the idea from Thomas Frank, who got his idea from Joel Runyon, who created the world’s first impossible list and defined the difference between it & a regular bucket list.

This is my impossible list, which is, of course, ever-evolving.

Yearly Misogi

2021: Cycle outdoors 100 days in a row
2022: Run 13.1 miles
2023: DOUBLE IT run 26.2 miles

Last 5 Completed Goals

5K 31 days in a row (May 2023)

Max out Roth IRA 2023 (April 2023)

Run 500 miles in 1 year (2022)

1 mile a day for 365 days (February 2023)

Post 100 blogs (September 2022)



Successfully cut out meat and dairy from my diet (Summer 2017)

Learn how to cook plant-based meals (September 2017)

Create an original recipe (September 2017)

Eat only fruit for a week (February 2019)


3 Day Silent Retreat (May 2020)

7 Day Silent Retreat

Skills (5/10)

Stress Management (2022)

Accessing Information (2018)

Practicing Healthful Behaviors (2019)

Analyzing Influences

Communication Skills

Refusal Skills

Conflict Resolution

Decision Making (2020)

Goal Setting (2021)


Physical Fitness


5 strict pull-ups in a row (July 2018)

10 strict pull-ups in a row

1 strict muscle up


20 clean push-ups (May 2018)

50 clean push-ups

Do 10 push-ups everyday for a year

Headstands / Handstands

Headstand press (April 2020)

Handstand press

Hold a handstand for 10 seconds (February 2019)

1 minute handstand


Squat my bodyweight


10 strict dips on dip-bars (June 2018)

20 strict dips on dip-bars / straight bar


Bike outside 7 days in a row (April 2021)

Learn how to ride a bike without using handlebars (May 2021)

2021 Misogi: Cycle outside 100 days in a row (July 2021)

Flexibility / Mobility

Split (both sides)



Mental Fitness

Distance Running

13.1 miles (March 2022)

26.2 miles

50 miles

100 miles

Outdoor Miles

5K (June 2019)

5K 31 days in a row (May 2023)

1 mile a day for 7 days (November 2021)

Run 500 miles in 1 year (2022)

1 mile a day for 365 days (February 2023)

75 Hard

Complete 75 Hard (December 2019)

Complete Live Hard Program


Go 75 days without alcohol (December 2019)

Go 100 days without alcohol (April 2021)

Go 365 days without alcohol (January 1 2021-January 1, 2022)

Go 2 years without alcohol


Go 80 days without smoking weed (July-September 2020)

Go 100 days without smoking weed


Go 1 month without coffee

Personal Finance

Credit Cards / Credit Score

Pay off all credit card debt (August 2019)

800 credit score (January 2020)

Maintain 800 credit score (on-going)

Work Experience

Secure high-paying job with opportunity for management experience (October 2021 – Present)

2 years of documented work experience (Oct 2021-Present)

Qualify for FHA bank loan

Cash Reserve

$20k cash reserve (6 months of expenses + yearly fees) (June 2022)

Maintain / replenish $20k cash reserve (on-going)

Net Worth

1,500,000 net worth

Roth IRA

Max out Roth IRA ($6k) every year for the next 10 years (4/10) (2020-2030)





Travel Fund

$20k travel fund

Real Estate

PA Real Estate License (June 2017)

Complete Fortune Builders curriculum (December 2016)

Purchase, fix, and resell a single family property (February 2019)

Generate $500k to roll into rentals


10 units (2/10)

10 paid off units (2/10)

Become an Airbnb Superhost (January 2022)



Maintain a loving, passionate, and happy relationship with my amazing boyfriend Joe (7 years and counting)


Post 1 blog / week for one year (52) on personal website (July 2021)

Post 100 blogs (September 2022)

Post 365 blogs


Read 1,000 self-improvement books (45/1,000) doesn’t include rereads 🙂


Sew something I can wear (April 2014)

Take a painting class (January 2015)

Start a blog (August 2020) – you’re looking at it!

Design a website (October 2020)

Make a homemade gift (December 2020)

Author a plant-based cookbook

Make a mixtape

Write a song

Blow glass

Work on a pottery wheel

Create a piece of art and sell it

Create my own personal stationary

Knit a scarf

Create a calendar with my own photos

Make a candle

Make a font out of my handwriting

Make a tie dye shirt

Make an origami animal

Refinish a piece of furniture

Adventure / Travel

Ride a zip line (April 2016)

Wrap a snake around my neck (July 2016)

Feed a giraffe (September 2016)

Swim with stingrays (September 2019)

Catch a wave surfing (September 2020)

Hug a redwood (July 2020)

Learn how to snowboard (January 2021)

Road trip across America (April-September 2020)

Swim with a wild school of fish (September 2020)

Crew for an Ultrarunner

Visit all National Forests in the USA ( /154)

Visit all National Parks in the USA ( /63)

Visit Puerto Rico

Trip to Maui

Swim with dolphins

Travel through Europe

Sail around Europe

Backpack Thailand

Explore a cave

Hold a shark

Ride ATVs

Snorkel in the ocean

Complete a horse jumping obstacle

Hold a monkey

Take a rain bath

Relax in a natural spring

Release baby turtles into the ocean

See a coral reef

Sleep in a yurt

Swim with wild sea turtles

Swim with manatees

Walk on a black sand beach

Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day

Go whale watching

Visit all 50 states

If this inspires you, I encourage you to make your own Impossible List! It’s been super powerful for me and I’m just getting started 🙂