Healthy Habits

Daily Routines

From the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep, you are in a routine.

Morning, afternoon, evening…

We go about our time doing certain things a certain way, not always realizing the long term effect those choices may have.

These routines are habits built from our choices.

A routine could be as simple as coffee first thing in the morning, or going the same route to work.

An easy way to spice up our lives is to switch up our routines.

Sub out coffee for tea twice a week. Take a different road to get to work. Mix things up- keep life interesting and exciting!

Are Your Routines Helping or Hurting You?

Now that you are aware that you have routines, no matter how unseeingly small, there’s no question that some routines serve our best interest while others don’t.

In truth, the little things add up to bigger things- this is called the compound effect.

Overtime, are your actions leading you toward your goals, are they holding you back, are they destroying you?

Switching up your routines is important to stay out of the ruts, however it’s equally important to make sure what those routines consist of are good, positive habits that get you to your goals.

2-Week Time Tracking Exercise

Let’s start by tracking what you do on a daily basis for 2 whole weeks.

Every 30 minutes, write down what you did.

Each week, analyze where your time is spent and where you can improve.

This will start to give you an idea of what may be helping you and what may actually be hurting you.

The Chain Method

Once you’ve completed your 2-week time tracking exercise, gather a list of good habits you’d like to implement down the road.

We recommend making a list greater than 3 of good habits you wantt to work on as you progress.

With this list, choose which habit makes the most sense or is the most relevant to your current life situation.

The key to lasting change is to focus on building one new (realistic) habit at a time.

So choose 1 from your list to start with, keeping it as small and as simple to do as possible.

Maybe you read everyday, but you decide to read up on self development instead of mystery novels.

Maybe you want to stretch more and decide to do a one minute stretch each day for 30 days.

Building Momentum

Start with one day, doing whatever habit you wish to work on.

Mark on your calendar each day you did what you set out to do.

As the days pass, you’ll see you’re actively building a chain- work not to break it, keep the streak going!

Remember: keep it simple, taking it day by day.

Wrap Up

We all have the same amount of time in a day. It’s what we choose to do in this very moment that will determine if we reach our goals or not.

Choose wisely (-:
x Corie

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