Take some time off

From work and from your regular routine.

You work hard when you work. That’s easy.

But to balance life out, you gotta play hard too – with good intentions.

How can we use time off to make sure we are growing our mind, body, and soul?

We can use our time off to…

  • decompress
  • ponder
  • read a good book
  • travel / explore
  • spend time with loved ones
  • plan goals
  • create something
  • declutter

How do you like to use your time off?

I’m currently on a road trip (3 days in). I took 3 weeks off from work and am taking full advantage.

There’s a 200 mile race happening in Ohio right now that Joey is running and I’m here crewing to help keep the runners going. A twofer.

Fun stuff getting out of my comfort zone 🙂

Healthy Habits

Life feeling easy? Do your day differently

Workouts are easy, the daily routine is easy, the food shopping is easy, the work is easy.

When life feels easy, we’re comfortable.

We feel in control, we have our rhythm down, and we got a plan going without any perceived flaws.

BUT something we know to be true is that we only grow when we’re uncomfortable.

So if life is feeling easy, I’m not growing?


So how do I keep growing when life feels easy?

I’m glad you asked! You can…

Life feeling easy? Do your day differently 🙂


A billionaire’s lesson on change…

Making a change. If we don’t do things differently, there will never be a change.

If nobody taught you how do to it, how would you do it?

Some pro tips I summed up from the awesome Jesse Itzler (www.jesseitzler.com or @jesseitzler on insta) on making positive change:

1) Create your own set of rules- a system that works for you. What we need is a life system. Nowadays, 10 shots of tequila costs me 3 days… definitely not for me. We are all unique in our own ways. If it doesn’t feel right, you gotta trust your instincts and remove it.

2) Day dream often. Become the superhero in your head. Daydreaming will open your mind to the many different things you can learn and do. Think about the person you want to become, the traits you will have, etc. Make these as detailed as possible.

3) Plan backwards. 1. Write down what you want to accomplish in a given period. For example: travel adventures in a 12 month period. 2. Plan it out: when are you going, where, what’s the budget? 3. Go into your calendar and schedule your trips in. Work around them; they are non negotiable events. Start with the end in mind so you are able to make up a plan that will likely bring your goal to fruition.

4) Be opened minded. Be accepting of different things. Learn to listen to people who do it differently without judgement.

5) Live with a little less structure– more willingness to be flexible and do things that come up.

6) Declutter your spaces. Someone needs it more than you do.

7) Whiteboard ideas: writing out pros & cons to come to a resolution. Pull the whiteboard out for your own life- big decisions, ideas- writing things down and getting it out of your head is a great way to create newness.

8) Change up your routine. Make an effort to mix it up every so often- this will train you to think better, to be spontaneous, to be more open to change, and will get you out of your same everyday habits.

9) Remind yourself: what’s the worst thing that can happen?

10) Put something big on your calendar– this forces you to change up your routine and mindset.

Change is human nature. It’s how we grow!
x Corie