A plant-based diet…

A whole-food, plant-based diet is your ticket to the absolute best health possible, inside and out.

So what do we mean when we say – whole-food plant-based diet – anyway?

Simply, a whole-food plant-based diet means the vast majority (90%+) of what you consume on a daily basis comes from whole plant foods.

Let’s break it down:


Foods that are not refined, they are consumed as they are found in nature (without adding or subtracting from them).

For example, apples vs sugary apple juice.


Majority, not necessarily all, of the foods consumed (in terms of the percent of calories) come from the plant kingdom instead of the animal kingdom.

For example, beans vs steak or sweet potato cheese vs cow cheese.


A consumption lifestyle choice: what we eat, NOT the restriction of calories to lose weight.

Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet Must Knows:

A plant-based pantry is geared toward dried-nonperishable items with the intention of combining them with fresh, delicious, whole produce.

The goal is to make meal composition easy and flavorful!

The food that you have on hand should be high in nutrients and ideally be unadulterated, unprocessed and in its most natural whole-food state.

What are the benefits of this delicious diet?

A whole-food plant-based diet has been shown to:

  1. Make weight loss easy and effortless (without feeling hungry)
  2. Drastically lower cholesterol
  3. Prevent AND reverse Type 2 Diabetes and dramatically improve Type 1 Diabetes
  4. Prevent AND reverse heart disease and high blood pressure
  5. Bring relief to digestive orders such as IBS, colitis and chronic constipation
  6. Slow the progression of and/or reverse autoimmune disorders such as MS and rheumatoid
  7. Clear skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema
  8. Fight against the development and progression of cancer
  9. Improve or eliminate asthma
  10. Improve immunity

…and much, MUCH more.

So now that you have the basis of a healthy whole-food plant-based diet… branch out, be creative, try new delicious recipes, and enjoy your new healthy consumption lifestyle change.

Let me know how you decide to eat your plants by snapping a pic and sharing your creations via email or social media!

Happy eating! ♡
x Corie

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