What are you willing to do? What are you not willing to do?

As @garyjohnbishop put it, coming to terms with what you are truly ‘willing to do’ will absolutely bring more joy in your life.


Because if we are able to look in the mirror, face reality, and admit to ourselves how far we will ACTUALLY go to achieve something…

We will be able to show up for ourselves in much more powerful ways.

You want to lose weight… but are you willing to workout for 45 minutes a day to do it? How about 45 minutes twice a day?

Or are you more willing to sit on the couch and do nothing?

Either are OKAY because these are your own decisions on what you want to do with your time and energy…

But if you’re not willing to put in the WORK… admit it, be okay with that choice and stop dwelling on it.

Own your decision

Focus on living your true life… because what we are not willing to work for should never take up space in our head. Those are our fantasies.

Let’s refocus our energy on the things we ARE willing to do.

Maybe that’s a 20 minute workout a day…

Or taking a walk around the block three times a week.

Maybe it’s swapping out one fast food meal a week for a home cooked one.

Dig deep and figure out what you’re really willing to do.

Then act accordingly.

Stay open to change

Sometimes we’re due for a change.

Change can come in the form a new goal, new hair cut, new change of scenery, new habit, new relationships, new experiences, new living situation, etc.

Change is constant. That’s life. As humans, we thrive when we create, evolve, problem solve, and connect.

What’s hard is allowing change to happen naturally, with as little resistance as possible.

So when positive change is due, refer to a billionaire’s lesson on change… for inspiration and action items.

x Corie

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