The Three Day Rule

Go ahead, lay in bed for a day or two. No one’s gonna judge ya.

But you gotta promise yourself to get up that third day and do your daily routine, no matter what. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT!

It’s okay to miss a day, but let’s remember: the longer we’re out of our daily routine (workouts, cooking, cleaning, meditation, etc) the harder it is to get back into it.

Ever skip a workout and it added up to weeks, months, even years without exercising? Day after day the workout routine got slipped under the rug to do tomorrow. New things filled the time you used for workouts and without realizing, you put on extra weight and your joints and muscles became weak, tight, and tender. A little bit everyday really does add up.

Keep the three day rule in mind as motivation to get back to self-work after taking off of your regular routine. The goal is to not let one day off trickle into many days off.

2 off days + 1 launch day

If you are feeling off, use two days to relax; to calm your mind and body. Try to keep up on the basics if you can like washing up, eating, drinking, reading, breathing deeply.

You can also spend time visualizing what you want your life to look like. Think big picture and think about what you’re gonna have to do on a daily basis to get there (see my full blog list for inspiration / recommendations!).

By day 3 you’re ready to rock and roll. You got your rest in and have a daily routine in mind (and ideally written out) that you’ve committed to and are ready to take action on.

Baby steps. Getting 1% better everyday. Stay blessed my friends!

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