Blessing your competition

Comparing isn’t fair

Everyone experiences things differently and at different times.

And all of these different experiences [good and bad] are what bring us to where we are today.

Everyone is learning and growing at different speeds.

Everyone has their own journey.

Respect that.

Bottom line: comparing yourself or your situation to someone else’s life wouldn’t be fair to that person, and it especially wouldn’t be fair to you.

Switching up your story

Persevere and change your mindset about the way you see others who have achieved something you admire.

Use their success as new found knowledge…

Because what you are desiring can be done! You see it.

Now use that as inspiration and take action so you are able to reap the results of your own success!

Taking action

Retrain your brain to focus on the positive side of healthy competition. Every time you find yourself comparing yourself to someone else:

  1. Acknowledge that comparing is happening and that it is normal human reaction.
  2. Find 1 thing you can appreciate about the person you are yourself comparing to.
  3. Wish them the best in their journey toward self-discovery.
  4. Pray that you receive similar blessings.
  5. Thank the universe for giving you inspiration that will help you achieve your own goals.

Remember, stay focused on what you can do in the present moment.

Your good decisions are ultimately what will bring you long-term happiness.

Keep on blessing!
x Cor

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