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The days are long the years are short

The days are long, full of opportunity to practice patience, focus, and will power.

Patience: the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset

Focus: the center of interest or activity

Willpower: control efforts to do something or restrain impulses

The years are short, full of opportunity to experience, reflect, and grow.

Experience: an event or occurrence that leaves an impression on someone

Reflect: think deeply or carefully about

Grow: become gradually or increasingly x

Be where your feet are. The days may feel long, but the years are short my friend.


Focus on what you’re grateful for

*walks into kitchen and sees dirty dishes in sink*

*gets a little irritated*

HERE is where people usually stop and the irritation is just left swirling around in their energy field…

I’m sure you can imagine what that can do to a person overtime.

For others HERE is where the journey lies…

*deep breath* (this is an important step)

*forces a smile*

*takes a mental note to reflect later*

*takes a moment to find one thing to be immensely grateful for in that moment*

“I am so grateful to be alive and to be able to stand on my own two feet (feels gratitude deep within the heart and belly). Yanno… I’m going to take a walk right after I’m finished with these dishes, it’s beautiful out!”

The above example is a healthy and productive way of handling negative feelings…

And it also helps to prevent wandering negative thoughts.

Wandering negative thoughts, in my experience, lead to break downs, panic attacks, under / over eating, outbursts, etc.

I am absolutely not going to allow dirty dishes to set me into a raging outburst…

So I make the choice to focus on what I’m grateful for and mellow out.

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Ask more questions

Feeling stuck? Asking more questions can help give us clarity.

What do you see for your life?

Who do you want to be?

Who and what do you need to surround yourself with?

What kind of energy do you want in your circle?

Are you going with what others want?

Are you living for other people, trying to please their expectations?

Are you challenging the “norm” and doing things differently?

Are you asking questions, trying to make the best life for yourself?

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Think peace, feel peace

Feeling overwhelmed? Let’s take a moment now to think some peaceful thoughts.

Think of nature, your family and friends, things that make you happy and bring you joy.

Feel and attract peace and love.

Think of the mountains.

The ocean.

The canyons.

The rainforest.

The streams.

Calm and serene.

Breathe deeply and feel peace.

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Forgiveness is the path to freedom

Once I forgave myself, everything got easier.

So many times I wish I would of acted differently.

And there’s even more times that I wish I would of stood up for myself, and not let someone treat me a certain way.

For so many years I carried this pain in the depth of my soul.

Once I made the decision to forgive myself, it all seemed to fade away.

I forgave myself for how I treated others and the pain that I’ve caused them.

And I forgave others for how they made me feel.

But most of all I had to really dig deep and forgive myself for letting what others did affect me.

That was hard to swallow. Because it’s so much easier to blame others for my pain.

This journey is NOT easy but when I wake up in the morning, all I can do is try to be better, even if I don’t always make the right decision.

It’s easy to see someone’s pictures and think that they have it all, but what’s inside is a never ending cycle of self discovery – full of immense pain, trauma and regret.

Once I chose to forgive myself, all of this seemed to go away, at least for the time being.

So when I find myself feeling those feelings that we all know too well, I ask my Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness and to help me carry my burdens through life.

Because I know for sure the decisions I make will follow me throughout my life.

And I so gratefully have Him to walk right along side me, to help with those pains.

I love you all and I am HERE. Talk to me! Together we are stronger ♡

x Corie

Healthy Habits, Mindset

How can we cope positively with our anxiety?

Of course we get a overwhelmed sometimes…

And sometimes we aren’t 100% present…

Off thinking about the past or future.

Belly breaths

Anytime you feel anxiety or frustration coming up…

Use it as a signal that you need to stop and take some deep belly breaths.

4 counts in. Hold.

4 counts out. Hold.

Aim to do at least 5 deep belly breaths.

Repeat these counts until you are feeling better.

Slow down

Take 5-10 minutes to open a window and journal out your emotions…

Or take a walk / spend time in nature to clear your mind.


Whether you are indoors or outdoors…

Putting your arms and legs in positions they aren’t normally in throughout the day will increase your blood flow…

Which in turn increases your energy.

With more energy, you’ll be able to work through emotions more effectively.

Eat healthy foods & hydrate

Work on eating small bits of fruit and vegetables throughout the day to keep your body fueled.

Again, this produces more energy for you.

Of course drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

When we take care of our basic need of clean fuel…

We gain more energy and more opportunity to work on our emotional needs.

Connect with family and friends

Reach out to those around you to see who can hold space for a little while…

Text / call / facetime whatever you need to feel connected.

Pray & meditate

A regular spiritual practice can help to relieve any and all anxiety.

I have first hand experience that prayer power truly does work wonders.

A few minutes a day goes a long way to calming your nerves and worries.

I believe prayer and mediation are an essential part of healing your mind, body & soul.

Self care

What you could use right now?

Maybe a hot shower and face mask…

Or a yoga session and some deep breathing…

Or a sun bath and a nature walk?

Practice taking in consideration your own needs and how you can incorporate more YOU time into your day.

I’m here for anyone needing to work through their thoughts and emotions.

We are in this together.

x Corie