Healthy Eating

Health begins with what you are eating on a daily basis.

Remember to bring awareness to what you decide to fuel your body with…

Because what you eat today, will have a lasting impact on your health.

Think long-term.

You won’t see the results immediately, but overtime.

Meaning, your eating habits will expose you as time goes on.

Eating habits affect not only your physical health, but all areas of your life.

And now that you’re aware that this is actually a thing…

You can change course if you need to.

Better Alternatives

Have you been feeling sluggish? lack of energy? gaining weight? losing weight? feeling irritable, off balance, or completely drained?

Healthy, nutritious foods can help with ALL of that!

And it all begins begins with choosing better alternatives.

More whole-foods, less processed. Reading labels, swapping this for that.

The key is choosing the better alternative time and time again until it’s habit.

This doesn’t mean that when you slip up and eat some not-so-healthy snacks or binge on ice cream and pizza that it’s the end all be all.

THAT’s simply a new opportunity to learn how to live, forgive, and let go.

Work to choose better next time that’s all, no sweat – just don’t make a habit out of slipping up!

Next Steps

Skim through our easy recipes to get some ideas for your next healthy meal!

If you need help with choosing better alternatives, see our article on healthy snacking – it’s a great place to begin.

And remember, health is 80% food with 20% exercise!

Happy eating ♡
x Corie

2 thoughts on “Healthy Eating”

  1. “opportunity to learn how to live, forgive, and let go”- love that line! and come to think of it, this could go to any area including diet – A wise woman once told me that any failure or mistake is only a failure or mistake if we don’t learn from it! Keep growing, loving the blogs!

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