Where can I begin with healthy eating?

By now in your health and fitness journey, I’m sure you’ve found that eating clean and healthy food is the key to feeling and looking better.

And you obviously (because you clicked on this post) are trying to figure out an easy place to start.

Healthy snacking…

Yes, I said healthy snacking!

What are healthy snacks?

Healthy snacks are a small portion of food consumed between your everyday regular meals.

They include a high amount of vitamins, are low in saturated fat, low in added sugars, and have a low-sodium content.

Ideally, these healthy snacks follow the whole-food plant-based diet.

Find healthier substitutes for high-fat snacks

If your favorite snack is potato chips and dip, reach for the cucumber slices with fresh bean dip or hummus instead.

Make snacks interesting

If the idea of a plain piece of fruit doesn’t appeal to you, try throwing it in a blender with water or almond milk for a fresh fruit smoothie.

Be prepared

Have snacks ready for when you get hungry; keep healthy snacks with you at work and/or school, in your car, and at home.

If you have a healthy snack in-sight and on-hand, you’re more likely to steer away from the fatty foods and reach for the healthier alternative!

Remember that the key to long-term healthy eating success is choosing the healthy alternative time and time again, consistently overtime.

Be in the moment and take it one snack at a time!

Happy snacking ♡
x Corie

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