Healthy Habits

How your thoughts are affecting your life…

Glass half full or half empty?

Frame of mind. How you view the situation.

A challenge comes up

Do you see it as a burden and something that is messing up your schedule and day?

Or do you see it as an opportunity to take a breather and be in the moment to learn something new that will benefit you long term?

Someone has a different view point than you

Do you find them incompetent and not worth the time to hear?

Or do you find value in their experience and see the conversation as an opportunity to grow and work on your skills?

When you think about success

Do you feel angry for you were not blessed with a “better/ easier” life?

Or do you feel grateful that we all are capable of personal development, growth and change?

How we view the situation at hand can really impact the experiences we have during our lifetime. It’s no secret that our choices are the sole reason for both our happiness and unhappiness.

How we decide to act and respond goes hand in hand with what we receive back from the world.

It’s really no wonder why negative is met with more negative, and positive with more positive.

We attract what we send out.

Lessons via the Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday

Be the casual, relaxed person in every situation who tells everyone else to take a breath and not to worry. Don’t be the agitator, the paranoid, the worrier, or the irrational. Be the calm, not the liability. And it will catch on.

Sticking with the same unsuccessful pattern is easy. It doesn’t take any thought or any additional effort, which is probably why most people do it.

If you want to change, choose to learn from your failures and consciously opt to do things differently: to tweak and change until we actually get the results we’re after.

At the very core, people want freedom, happiness, and respect from their peers. These are simple and straightforward to acquire: through our choices.

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale is a powerful resource I use in my self healing practice.

Peale addresses real life issues that we all face day in and day out, and the negative thought patterns we all know so well.

He provides practical tools to solving them in our daily lives today.

Overall, his tools and practices have guided my initial thought pattern to focus more on the positive.

I have been able to develop a regular thought pattern of positivity, meaning that I generally expand on the good in the situations that I’m facing.

This benefit alone helps me cope better with stressors since I have found tremendous strength through these positive thinking practices.

There’s no destination, only the journey.

Although it’s constant practice, and I still have so many low moments of doubts and fear, I am always able to bounce back by using the practices taught in Peale’s book. Highly recommended!

x Corie

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