Lifestyle by Design

Living a lifestyle by design: consciously planning your life around specific goals you set out for. These goals give you the opportunity to control your time, energy, relationships, and experiences.

One thing I’ve picked up over the years is the truth that us humans have the ability to create our own lives- whatever we desire we can make happen…

We decide on how to think.

We decide on how to respond.

We imagine, plan, and execute on goals.

To sum it up: we control our circle of influence.

Below are some tips & action items (in question form) on how to control your circle of influence to create a lifestyle by design:

Create, review, and update your plan frequently.

Choose a few life categories and write them down in separate columns…

  • What’s your immediate next goal for each life category?
  • Write in why you want to achieve that goal and what success look like in each.
  • Lastly, write out the next couple of steps to make these goals a reality.

Review these goals weekly, updating your plan of attack as you go. You’ll also benefit from reviewing your goals anytime you have a big decision to make.

Learn how to use your time wisely.

After you define which activities are going to get you to your goal, of those…

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What must you and only you do?
  • What do you loathe doing?
  • What can you delegate out?
  • What can you automate?
  • How can you make things more efficient?
  • What can you eliminate completely and all together?

Ask more questions before making big decisions.

Before making a big decision that may shift your focus completely off of your current goals:

  • Is this going to get you to your goals?
  • Does this make sense?
  • Do you agree? Why?
  • If not, why don’t you agree?
  • What’s the outcome for each option?
  • Pros and cons?

Think it through before committing your time and energy.

You have the choice whether you commit to something or not- it’s your time and energy someone is asking for.

  • Can you take on more right now?
  • Are you the person to do this or can someone else do it?
  • Does this make you happy?

Say no to people and places that don’t align with your goals.

It’s perfectly okay to say no to an invitation, in fact we all could benefit from saying it more often!

  • Will going out set you back in any areas?
  • Should you go knowing you’ll feel emotionally exhausted for days after?
  • Will this fulfill you and bring you joy?

Place personal development at the top of your priority list.

  • How much do you currently devote to getting better?
  • Are you reading something that will positively impact one of your goals in life?
  • Are you taking action on what you’re learning?
  • Are you eating what’s good for you, exercising regularly, and meditating daily?
  • Are you voluntarily placing positive thoughts into your mind?
  • Are you peeling back the onion to change your old patterns and behaviors to create new ones?

Meet and maintain relationships with people who are on your level, and those who are 10x of where you are.

  • Who should you connect to more often?
  • Who are the people that will help you achieve your goals?
  • Who do you vibe with the most?
  • Who brings you the most happiness?
  • What type of people are you looking to attract into your life?
  • How are you going to build last relationships?

Become financially literate on how to make money and make it grow.

  • Are you handling your money properly?
  • Is there a better way to track what your spending and earning?
  • How are you going to learn more about finances and the options you have to grow wealth?
  • What do the wealthy do with their money that you’re not currently doing?

Experience new things as often as possible.

  • Are you taking time to reset?
  • Are you switching your routines up to keep your mind growing?
  • Do you challenge yourself to do the inner work in uncomfortable or unideal situations?
  • Do you set aside time to explore new places, see new things, meet new people?
  • What have you always wanted to do but haven’t done yet?

After going through these questions, I hope that you have gained some personal insight and feel confident to take control over your circle of influence!

What has been your biggest take-away?
Comment below!

x Corie

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