How can I make my workouts more effective without using equipment?

Practicing ‘mind-muscle connection’ during your workout can make your movement session more effective without using equipment.

To sum it up:

If you think about and focus on a muscle while you’re training it…

You’re much more likely to recruit that muscle and make it grow.

Here are some strategies to help improve your mind-muscle connection:

Performance Goal

Setting a total-rep performance goal can help you maintain focus over an entire training session.

You just set a number of reps and lift until you hit it!

The key, however, is choosing the right exercise and rep range.

Skill Goal

Focus small and build a small skill that leads to better movement.

Focus on your lacking skill until it integrates into your movement.

Then move on to your next weakness.

Reset Between Reps

Resetting between reps is a great way to refocus.

Rather than rushing and stringing reps together…

Perform each individual rep with stout focus.

The result is stronger performance.

Your mind stays focused on the task…

And good positioning lets you heave more load.

Happy moving ♡
x Corie

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