Progress over perfection

Ben Franklin implemented a values chart.

On the chart, he listed the habits he’d strive to do on the daily.

If he didn’t do a habit that day, he would make a small red x.

He started to see the habits that were easier than others to implement and adjusted accordingly.

The values chart is something to live up to however when we fail to do something, we have the opportunity to learn and grow.

And that’s the purpose of the values chart.

To lay out what we’d like to do, realize what we actually do / don’t do, and build a plan to bridge the gap.

The values chart isn’t about getting each day perfect, although that is the ultimate goal.


The American Dream

America. A land of opportunity.

A place where anyone can rise to wealth and prominence through hard work rather than birth.

The American Dream.

The idea that anyone, no matter how humble his or her background, could rise to the highest level in society.

The American Dream is not college, debt, marriage, kids, a white-picket fence, with a full-time job.