Breathe through Negative Emotions

Allow emotions and feelings to go through you.

Imagine your chest as a screen, instead of a brick wall that everything sticks to.

All that is flows through you effortlessly.

Notice and allow these emotions and feelings to pass through you.

Redirect your awareness onto your inner energy field, breathing through any tension.

Check in with your body, do you feel resistance or pain anywhere?

Draw in positive energy by filling your mind with positive emotions.

Breath deeply – in for 4 out for 4, in for 6 out for 6, in for 8 out for 8.

Healthy Habits

Attract positive energy in 60 seconds

You can attract positive energy anywhere at any time.

Find a quiet corner to sit comfortably…

Or don’t (because again, you can do this anywhere !!! like in a busy store or restaurant, during work, at home, in church, at the gym, on the toilet).

We could all use a little more positive energy throughout our busy days…

Especially when we start experiencing negative thoughts and feelings.

So here’s my quick checklist on how to attract positive energy in 60 seconds:

Play some music if you can / desire to.

And when you are ready, begin…

  1. Deep belly breaths
  2. Give thanks
  3. Draw positive energy in
  4. Get loose and stretch
  5. Dance / bust a move

See a visual > here < on my Pinterest.

May positive energy be with you always.


Morning Movement

If you’ve been feeling low energy lately – here’s a tip that most definitely will help: MORNING movement.

With morning movement, you’ll be feeling all types of good early on, and that good will ripple into the rest of your day!

Here’s a basic structure for your reference…

  • Upper body: arm circles, arm lifts
  • Lower body: leg kicks, leg swings, squats
  • Chest: push-up variations w/ cobra, downward dog
  • Back: hang from a bar
  • Abs: v-sits, russian twists, leg lifts, sit-ups

Set a timer (10-60 minutes) and knock these out shortly after you wake up in the morning.

How many reps to do? Just go until you feel it burning and then some! Switch up the exercises as you please. Throw on some music and roll with it.

Stay active my friends and keep your energy flowing 🙂

Healthy Habits

Lift your vibes with morning music

Music is known to naturally raise our vibrations.

It puts us in a different state of mind.

And depending on the type of music we choose to play, is the vibe we’re choosing to tap into.

Frequency, rhythm, lyrics all play a role.

I’m sure you could feel the difference thinking about listening to heavy metal music vs classical relaxation. WAY different. Both increasing our vibrations, yet both bring with them a different vibe and experience.

Play around with party music vs christian music. You’ll probably experience different thoughts and emotions between the two.

If music can influence our thoughts and emotions, does that mean music can influence our actions? I think so!

Take study music vs house music for example. It’d be tough to study listening to house music… and pretty dull trynna party to study music lol. You’d be turning up when you want to turn down and vice versa.

So the type of music I choose to listen to changes depending on what I’m doing.

This morning I’m listening to Swayze radio on Pandora – giving me those chill beach town vibes. I’m looking to bring a calm and creative energy to my day so Swayze it is for now!

What vibe are ya feeling today? What activity are you doing? Use music to get ya in the mood 🙂