Healthy Habits

What is personal growth?

There’s a point in time for all of us, whether you call it a break through, golden nugget, ah-ha..

When something just clicks and your whole perception seems to shift in the matter of moments.

This is called personal growth.

The more we are able to learn, the more we are able to realize.

Constant Work

Regardless of where we once started… we can all grow an infinite amount.

All it takes is constant adjustment.

Because what works today definitely may not work tomorrow.

The plan you wrote up yesterday may not even make sense today.

What’s important is putting yourself and your growth first…

And trying not to get stuck on getting things perfect before you branch out.

Doubts & Fears

Facing our doubts and fears head on opens up the whole world of self-healing… because it brings about tough emotions you’ll have to work through.

However, much to our benefit, there are tons of different outlets where you can learn more about personal growth via…

  1. the library
  2. internet
  3. good old fashion conversations with the wise.

Commit to one thing before leaving this article that you can do regularly to ensure you’re growing, as you should!

Some regular goals of mine to ensure I am constantly growing:

  • Read 10 pages of a self-improvement book a day
  • Listen to audible/ self-improvement podcasts
  • Follow positive social pages (and unfollow negative ones)
  • Self reflecting
  • Setting, planning, and reviewing goals
  • Personalizing the journey: incorporating more of what works for me

Feel free to choose one of the above if you don’t have a new one in mind and plan your next step to get it rolling.

Tend Your Four Areas

You can grow physically, yes…

But you can also grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In order to run at optimal speed, being well rounded is important.

Balanced energy is vital to longterm health.

And all four areas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual need the proper attention and tender loving care to keep you alive and growing…

Just like a plant needs sunlight, soil, water, and you – you need physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, it’s that simple!

Commit to a Change

If you feel you are lacking in any area, don’t stress it- just take some time to learn a golden nugget or two that you can apply immediately.

A little goes a long way overtime, and you’ll feel rebalanced in no time!

Remember and commit to the one thing that you are going to do regularly to ensuring you are growing.

Continue to improve yourself and your life will improve naturally!

Happy growing!
x Corie

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