Healthy Habits

Getting in tune with higher power

Take a moment. Breathe. Fill your belly with the finest and largest breaths.

Listen to what is around you.

The smallest and loudest noises.

Even in silence, there is noise. Can you hear it?

Your heart beat, so rhythmically attuned.

As everything outside of you moves in harmony, so does your heart, body and soul.

Acknowledge your small, yet important, existence.

Without the smallest of molecules we would not be.

Without the large and never ending universe we would not be.

Without one there is no other.

Without you, nothing else would be.

Without everything else, you would not be.

Practice faith.

Faith is the opposite of fear.

It’s a state of mind that keeps our energy levels high and happy.

We can attract more faith energy by…

  • Reading bible passages full of God’s love
  • Listening to scripture readings and books that teach the Word
  • Attending church (in-person or virtual)
  • Praying for yourself
  • Praying for others
  • Giving without expectation
  • Being out in nature
  • Thinking about what you love

Fill your mind with love and faith, and all hate will dissipate.

Call upon God any moment you need him.

When you are frustrated, happy, sad, angry; when you need answers, ideas or solutions.

When you simply want to feel God’s love and peace.

When you need comfort or support, guidance or forgiveness.

Call upon the Lord and he will fill these needs.

Have faith, feel faith, radiate faith.

These are some faith practices that get me through each day with strength.

I’ve found that the more I am connected with my faith…

The more I learn about myself…

And the closer I am to fulfilling my true potential.

x Corie

Ps- it’s important to keep in mind that, to me, the word God is very interchangeable. I know in my heart that something bigger is at work here.

The name / label isn’t important; the meaning and essence behind the name is what matters. All across the world, people believe. There’s so much beauty in that. Let’s hold onto it.

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