Healthy Habits

Eliminate “I’m fine” out of your vocabulary

Eliminate “I’m fine” out of your vocabulary with the ones you love.

When we give the same answer to a loved one that we do a stranger,

We are shutting ourselves out from the chance to grow a deeper connection with someone who is genuinely trying to show up for us.

FINE is not a true answer. Dig deep about what you’re feeling. What’s the truth?

Give the people around you the chance to be there.

And allow yourself to let go of any bad feelings…

Feelings don’t last forever.

Shout out to #noramcinerny for her time and energy at Bryn Athyn’s #newchurchlive (aka my second home) about this time last year.

These were some notes from her talk.

So blessed and grateful for her kind words and infectious personality. Check out Nora’s ted talk on grief it’s so worth the watch!

x Corie

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