Healthy Habits

Love is a verb

Love is action displayed without expectation.

Love happens unconditionally.

Rough day? Love.

Arguments stirred by emotion? Love.

Fear, doubt, worry? Love.

Love is the ground that we as a couple walk on.

No matter the pains that life may bring us, nothing ever beats our love for one another.

On my darkest days, I know I can count on his love. And on his, he can count on mine.

We show up whenever we possibly can and just love.

There’s no running tally of who has loved the most. Or whose turn it is to love this time.

Love is not 50/50… it is 100/0.

Giving your absolute all with no expectation from the other.

It’s not easy, it’s a true commitment and takes true understanding and compassion.

It’s constant work —> helping each other through the storm to self realization.

Together we empower each other.

But I do not look to him to meet my needs. Nor does he look at me to meet his.

We simply are. We simply do. And we simply be. Loving and serving every step of the way.

xx Corie and Joey

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