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The discipline of perception

The discipline of perception: the way we see it.

Perception is how our mind sees the world around us – situations, people, our own behavior… in other words, it all comes down to what our interpretation is of a particular thing.

So let’s think about that for a second… is it not true that we can change what goes on in our life by changing our thoughts of it?

For example, I cheated on my diet and ate food after 8pm… one way I could see it is that I am a total failure and will never be able to commit fully to anything… another could be that some slack here and there isn’t a bad thing… and another could be that I am grateful to realize my mistake and will make sure that I am better with my time management tomorrow.

See how drastically different these viewpoints are? How words can really affect how we see the situation? How it could make us feel about ourselves in the short and long term?

There really is no good or bad, because if we can find the strength to train our minds to see the world in a way that actually supports and motivates us, then we can find more happiness and success in whatever, and all that, we do.

A more drastic situation could be dealing with the death of a loved one. We could see it as the end of everything we’ve ever known… or we could see it as an absolute blessing that we were able to meet and enjoy their soul in the physical world and are grateful for the love they showed and continue to show us.

Ever hear the quote- “it is what it is” well I’d like to piggy back off that and say “it just is”. That’s it. We have the power to define what exactly situations mean to us and that dictates the energy we attract and the happiness, or lack of, we feel.

What situation could you look at a little differently that would completely change your energy and quality of life?

I’d like to end with a favorite quote of mine: “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better!”

x Corie

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