Healthy Habits

Our outer world reflects our inner world…

What’s going on outside of us is what’s going on inside of us.

When you realize that you manifest and attract literally EVERYTHING that is your life…

You’ll understand why thinking good and feeling good is so important.

Think good, feel good, attract good.

The same can be said for the opposite.

Change starts with thinking differently.

Don’t over complicate it🤞

Use me for example…

Growing up I went through my phases of having a tidy room vs a messy room.

It’s a clear example of how our outer world reflects our inner world.

The times I felt on my shit, my room was tidy.

When I felt anxious and overwhelmed, things got messy.

Once I figured this clear lesson out…

I always make it a priority to keep a tidy room and home🤝

Plus, the cleaning and tidying aspect really helps me to work through any problems / negative thought patterns!

2021 is all about LIVING the lessons you are taught…

Go out & live it ♡

x Corie

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