Healthy Habits

Using the power within you

When was the last time you focused on your inner energy?✨

Feeling, loving, giving attention to…

Your god-like presence…

Your true essence.

The part of you that is also apart of me…

And all that is around us🌿

The almighty power is within you.

A power that has no bounds, ceilings, or limitations.

A quick tip on manifestation:

Be joyful, and think good thoughts as often as you can.

For when you are joyful… you are aligned with the most powerful force: love.

Love attracts love.

Ask, feel, believe, and you shall receive🤙

The more you practice, the more you BECOME the Almighty One…

Creating your own life experience.

Anyone else studying manifestation / law of attraction?!✨

How can you incorporate more joy in your life?👇

x Corie

2 thoughts on “Using the power within you”

  1. I enjoyed reading this. I have been studying, applying, and writing about this topic for over 10 years now. To answer your question about incorporating more joy, I find that the best solution is to simply be more joyful. Think thoughts and do things that make you joyful. Then it’s amazing how joyful circumstances begin to multiply 🙂


    1. Love that! Thank you for sharing❤️ What you said reminded me of an old saying that “Happiness takes effort, although happiness may seem effortless.” We are not just handed joy. We must think joy and do joy. Thinking and doing what is aligned with our soul. And that takes work! I see you doing the work and am so inspired by you. Thank you for spreading your joy🤙

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