Impossible List

Ever hear of an Impossible List?

The Impossible List is an ever-evolving list of experiences that build upon each other, help others as well as yourself, and implore you to take action.

I got the idea from Thomas Frank, who got his idea from Joel Runyon, who created the world’s first impossible list and defined the difference between it & a regular bucket list.

You can find my impossible list here– which is, of course, ever-evolving🤍

Top 5 Goals

• Save $20,000 by 2022 (10%+ of income)
• Generate $200k revenue by 2022
• Accumulate 4 doors by 2022
• Post 1 blog / week for one year (52)
• Cycle outside 100 days in a row

Last 5 Completed Goals

• Learn how to ride a bike without using handlebars (May 2021)
• Go 100 days without alcohol (April 2021)
• Cycle outside 7 days in a row (April 2021)
• Create Property Management Policy Binder (March 2021)
• Ride down the mountain 12 times on a snowboard (March 2021)

If the idea of an Impossible List inspires you, I encourage you to make your own…

It has been super powerful for me and I’m just getting started🤙

x Corie

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