A League of Their Own

The Women’s Save the Redwoods League was an influential local force in the growing movement to save the redwoods in the early 1900s.

Keep in mind that at the turn of the 20th-century, the culture and norms of the Victorian era still dominated, and there were few ways for women to engage outside the domestic sphere.

So all across the country, women formed clubs to find creative means of civic engagement and community leadership.

Through these clubs, women exerted a discreet and lasting influence on the future of the developing West. Fortunately for the iconic redwood forest, in California, women’s clubs were on the forefront of forest policy reform.

The women were highly respected members of society, and they utilized their prominence to raise support for the cause.

They even employed the methods of environmental activism decades ahead of their time by placing themselves in the path of loggers!

They quite literally used their standing to defend the redwood trees, knowing the loggers — their friends, neighbors and family members — wouldn’t dare to harm them.

The influence of California women, and Humboldt County women in particular, in the early efforts to save the redwoods cannot be overstated.

Before it was a movement, before their communities approved or even understood, these women spoke to the national imperative to save the iconic ancient redwoods.

And they took action, persisting for years in the face of apathy, obstruction, and their own families’ self-interest, and helped to save some of the world’s most special places.

Source: savetheredwoods.org

This was such an incredible site to visit and if it wasn’t for the brave and courageous, we all would not have the chance to enjoy these big and warm spirits.

It’s a great lesson on following your heart and doing what’s right with persistence, regardless of what others may think or say!

x Corie

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