Healthy Habits


I recently applied for a lead hostess job on Indeed, and they asked for my thoughts on what hospitality means to me. This was my response. I wanted to share because I feel it’s important to remember that attitudes and the way we do life is contagious. How’re you operating? Do people walk away from you or your business feeling happier and more fulfilled? If not, a genuine boost in hospitality could do the trick.

“Hospitality is overdelivering on the customer experience.

A hospitable worker is warm, proactive, and genuine in their approach to the customer.

The worker treats the customer like family and will always think ahead and deliver on customer needs, ideally before the customer realizes they need it.

Using drink refills as an example, I have a simple rule: Never let a customer get to an empty glass.

When you see their drink has half to a quarter left…

Automatically bring out more water if water is what they’re drinking.

Or ask if they’d like a new drink if it’s paid refill.

When the customer stops ordering alcohol, bring out water.

Think ahead. How would you like to be treated when you are in that position? I know I hate a dry mouth, and I’ve never complained about having too much water while I’m out to eat.

Where else can we overdeliver on the customer experience?”

x Corie

Ps – I’d like to note that the restaurant I applied to reached out two days later inviting me to a sit down with management! Boom!

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