Cycle outdoors 100 days in a row

Completed my goal of biking outside 100 days in a row. Another one crossed off the impossible list!

Some days were MUCH easier than others.

During these past 100 days I’ve…

  • Lived in 4 different homes
  • Laid my poppop to rest
  • Listed our place up on Airbnb
  • Road tripped from Philly to Florida to live indefinitely (with only a duffle and personal bag)

All big things that could easily throw me off if I wasn’t laser focused on completing this goal.

Dealing with Grief

When my pop passed, a fire ignited in me to take care of my heart health. At the time I was working on my 100 day goal already, and wanted to keep it going in honor of him.

On my low days when I didn’t feel like biking, I thought about my pop. “If only he had exercised more and made his health a priority.” I was making myself miserable.

It took some major self-awareness and raw honesty to admit that I was living in the past of wishing and wanting life to be different, to just have my pop back – completely resisting the moment.

It took sooo much energy to consciously redirect my attention. But in doing so, the sadness and anger became my biggest motivation: the fuel to my fire.

When I felt sad or angry, I would force myself to think- “NOW is MY chance to be healthy and take care of myself. This is all Poppop wants, for me to be happy and healthy. This is exactly what the universe is teaching me. Take care of myself, now, not later.”

And out the door I would go. Feeling my pop completely proud of me for doing something that I didn’t want to.

No Rain, No Rainbow

There were days I had to legit drag myself out of bed bc I wasn’t feeling the best and days I forced myself out the door into the freezing pouring rain and cried about it lmao.

There have been highs and lows, but no matter what I got up and got out there day after day.

I face planted my first day out on the bike, had breakdowns before, during, and after rides, found some peace, and learned so much about myself.

AND after all this time, I can now ride a bike without using handlebars (lifelong dream)!

Just celebrating along the way.

Up next, I’m working on doing 10 clean headstand presses in a row using yoga blocks!

What’s your current health/fitness goal and how is it going? Comment below!

Don’t have a goal? Make one!

Don’t know where to begin? Hit me up, I’d love to help you out with creating one ♡

x Corie

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