Daily Snippet, Goals

Motivation lighthouse

Lighthouse: a tower or other structure containing a beacon light to warn or guide ships at sea.

Lighthouse to ship as goal to me.

My goals act as a beacon light, guiding me along my way through life.

When I am faced with hard decisions or situations…

My goals are there to warn me of the risks of going in the wrong direction.

Motivation lighthouse. My guiding goals.

Daily Snippet

It’s okay to miss a day

We set goals and we break our goals down into daily actions…

We track these daily actions and hold ourselves to a higher standard.

~ life happens ~

And some days we are pressed for time and attention.

It’s perfectly normal and okay to miss a day on one of our goals.

We can simply learn from the temporary failure and grow to be better tomorrow.

The challenge is getting back to your goal the next day.

So remember: it’s okay to miss a day, but try not to let it trickle into two, three, four days… each day that passes, your goal gets that much tougher to get back into.

I missed my daily snippet yesterday, but I’m back at it today 🙂

Stay blessed my friends!