Spend time in nature

Hi all! I’m writing to you from a tree hammock that I set up in Pennypack 🙂

I just finished up doing my daily mile – today was hiking hills!

The park is so refreshing with all the plants and animals, the fresh air is unmatched.

I always leave feeling happy and inspired.

Whether it’s a hike in the park, doing some gardening, taking a walk around the block, deep breathing…

Spend time in your inner world. Nature.


Find your sacred spot

It could be a little nook in the corner of the house, your bedroom, a writing desk, where ever you feel relaxed and inspired.

Fill your space with things that bring you joy…

Plants, pillows, a candle, blanket maybe, some good books, incense, a journal.

Use your sacred space to set morning intentions, as a retreat to decompress, when you need a lift in spirits, when you want to ponder or create.

Play some Classical Relaxation or Native American Flute on Pandora to set the mood…

And enjoy this sacred place you created for yourself.


How do you deal?

When something bothers you, how do you deal with it?

Do you stomp your feet?

Do you accept without resistance?

Do you pop off at the first sign of opposition?

Or do you keep your reactions in line with your values?

Growing up, my mom taught me to express myself physically and verbally (the Philly attitude that we all know and love lol) but as I got older I realized that I can choose how I react… and my life changed forever.

I don’t get into altercations with others like I did before, things that used to bother me no longer have the same effect. My life is evolving for the better because my reactions are better.

I now take a second to breathe and think how I want to respond. I accept and do what I can in the moment. I try to see it from all sides. And I try to hold compassion and empathy forefront.

So how do you deal?


Taking a walk

Hearing wind chimes, birds, lawn mowers.

Smelling fresh air, the flowers and greenery.

Seeing houses, cars, people, stores, streets, animals, plants.

Feeling my phone in my hand, champ’s leash on my arm, and socks on my feet. Also feeling grateful, a little hungry, sweaty, and inspired.

Tasting peppermint.

Thinking about the moment. Grounding myself in the now.


Embrace the day

Where do you find yourself now?

Maybe in a park, at home, at work.

How are you feeling?

Content? Present?

Uneasy? Anxious?

Is there anything you can do to make the very best of this moment?

Like taking a deep breath, showing gratitude, feeling joy, being creative, smiling.


You are everything you need

No matter what you’re going through…

You have the power to redirect your thinking.

You can think about what you’re grateful for.

You can think about peace and love.

You can think about ideas and concepts.

You can think about your own point of view.

When times get tough, let’s look inward and change the narrative.

Healthy Habits

Replay → Reground

Replay is when we are imagining a situation in our mind over and over again.

We might be thinking about what we could have or should have done differently.

Or we might be thinking about the future, about responsibilities, goals, or reality.

And we probably now feel super overwhelmed and frustrated, which can lead to feeling off for hours, days, weeks, months… years.

We just can’t shake it. We keep thinking and thinking and thinking and that makes us more and more anxious. We carry it instead of putting it down and going on our way.

This is a prime example of the internal conflict “Replay”. And sadly, these types of conflicts can make our bodies very unhealthy overtime. They eat away at us physically, mentally, emotionally bit by bit. 

Awareness is Key

As we always say on One Percent Healthier, the first step to change is Awareness.

Noticing that Replay is happening is the first step to get out of replay.

How does Replay feel at this moment? Are your core values conflicting? Did you make a mistake? Do you want better but do the opposite? What can you do differently moving forward to get better results? Do you have a plan, or is there a plan you can review?

When you notice, or are aware, you can take space. You can work through these mental barriers and come out stronger / more equipped for life.

When we notice the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing, we can use them as stepping stones, as a way to keep evolving, as prompts to ask questions and learn more from this school of life, instead of being stuck in Replay.

Side note: Most of the people you’ll meet during this lifetime will be stuck in their own version of Replay. Thinking and thinking on and on about things that happened or might happen. And they may never notice the internal conflict. They live in survival mode and most likely believe who they truly are, are the thoughts and feelings they have. Soooo be on high alert and respond accordingly ☺

Below are the mental seedlings I drop in my own mind so that I can begin to move out of Replay and into the Present (consciousness without thinking):

“I’m experiencing Replay and that’s okay. This is common in humans. And I know that I am not the thoughts and feelings I am experiencing, but the Awareness that notices. Who I truly am is more than Replay. I am the stillness that creates life. And I can create my own peace of mind.”

Reground (self love timeee!)

Congrats! At this point in Replay recovery you have dug deep and planted some positive seeds that will flourish with the right care. What kinda care? Self careee, my fav!

Open the windows or take a walk, drink water, eat a healthy snack, burn sage or palo santo, wear some crystals, brew herbal tea, play meditation or classical music, put a face mask on, do some yoga, read some blogs, create, watch a documentary, and whatever else you can and would like to do to relax and feel happier and healthier.

Wrapping Up

Mental health is real, we know this. But what does that mean? It means that we have to do the work to BUILD and MAINTAIN our mental health.

Just like we eat healthy and exercise to build and maintain our physical health, we reflect and we consciously think positive thoughts to build and maintain our mental health.

We reflect by noticing our thoughts and feelings and doing the work to cope in a positive and productive way.

We consciously think positive thoughts by making the effort to find things to be grateful for, to have less judgement and more compassion, to cut off the expectations and learn to let life happen and be grateful for everything that is the present moment.

You are more than your thoughts and feelings. You are the creator of your own beautiful life

x Cor