Healthy Habits

Motivation wallpaper

We want to implement a new habit…

Yet day after day, we just don’t do it.

This is me with brewing tea in the morning.

I’d like to get into the habit of blending my own herbs and drinking some hot tea right in the morning…

But wanting is not enough.

This habit, like any habit, is gonna take some upfront work that I haven’t done that yet.

If brewing tea in the morning really is important to me, how am I going to make sure I get it done day after day?

Let’s start by writing up a plan:

  1. Write the habit down somewhere I’ll be able to see it everyday
  2. Research what the best herbs are for morning tea
  3. Order herbs
  4. Prep herbs for easy steeping
  5. Set mug out night before as a prompt

Now that we have the plan, let’s work to execute it starting with #1:

  1. Write the habit down somewhere I’ll be able to see it everyday

Today I designed a cute Morning Routine Wallpaper for my lock screen that brings me joy and reminds me to do a few of my favs in the morning (like brewing tea).

Now to just keep rocking on with my plan…

I’ll update you guys as I go 🙂


Want glowy skin? Try a morning face mask

Nothing like some self love & a face mask ♡

I’m obsessed with this peel off charcoal mask I got from Amazon recently.

I’ve added it to my routine: 2-3 times a week (usually in the morning because instant glow).

It takes about 15 minutes for the mask to dry so in the meantime I’m…

Drinking a hot cup of tea.

Listening to morning music.

Reading a few pages of a non fiction book.

Breathing in fresh air.

And moving my body.

~ about 15 minutes passes ~

I peel the mask off, give my face a nice wash, and go about my day feeling all types of glowy.

✿ Let’s keep working to incorporate more of what we love into our day!

Feel good, do good, be good.

Healthy Habits

Lift your vibes with morning music

Music is known to naturally raise our vibrations.

It puts us in a different state of mind.

And depending on the type of music we choose to play, is the vibe we’re choosing to tap into.

Frequency, rhythm, lyrics all play a role.

I’m sure you could feel the difference thinking about listening to heavy metal music vs classical relaxation. WAY different. Both increasing our vibrations, yet both bring with them a different vibe and experience.

Play around with party music vs christian music. You’ll probably experience different thoughts and emotions between the two.

If music can influence our thoughts and emotions, does that mean music can influence our actions? I think so!

Take study music vs house music for example. It’d be tough to study listening to house music… and pretty dull trynna party to study music lol. You’d be turning up when you want to turn down and vice versa.

So the type of music I choose to listen to changes depending on what I’m doing.

This morning I’m listening to Swayze radio on Pandora – giving me those chill beach town vibes. I’m looking to bring a calm and creative energy to my day so Swayze it is for now!

What vibe are ya feeling today? What activity are you doing? Use music to get ya in the mood 🙂


Spend time in nature

Hi all! I’m writing to you from a tree hammock that I set up in Pennypack 🙂

I just finished up doing my daily mile – today was hiking hills!

The park is so refreshing with all the plants and animals, the fresh air is unmatched.

I always leave feeling happy and inspired.

Whether it’s a hike in the park, doing some gardening, taking a walk around the block, deep breathing…

Spend time in your inner world. Nature.


Find your sacred spot

It could be a little nook in the corner of the house, your bedroom, a writing desk, where ever you feel relaxed and inspired.

Fill your space with things that bring you joy…

Plants, pillows, a candle, blanket maybe, some good books, incense, a journal.

Use your sacred space to set morning intentions, as a retreat to decompress, when you need a lift in spirits, when you want to ponder or create.

Play some Classical Relaxation or Native American Flute on Pandora to set the mood…

And enjoy this sacred place you created for yourself.


Taking a walk

Hearing wind chimes, birds, lawn mowers.

Smelling fresh air, the flowers and greenery.

Seeing houses, cars, people, stores, streets, animals, plants.

Feeling my phone in my hand, champ’s leash on my arm, and socks on my feet. Also feeling grateful, a little hungry, sweaty, and inspired.

Tasting peppermint.

Thinking about the moment. Grounding myself in the now.


Morning emotions matter

You wake up full of wonder.

Your mind is racing – thinking about the day ahead, your past, your future.

5 deep belly breaths to calm your nerves.

Use your 5 senses to ground yourself in the now – hear, see, feel, smell, taste.

Name 3 things you are grateful for.

Bring this feeling of peace into the day with you. Namaste.